Imekunywa Maji

Time to move on. If this went thru, the next President would’ve mutilated this constitution beyond recognition, in His/Her first term.

:D:D:D:D uhuru ataambia watu nini

Stop misleading us. BBI IMEPITA

Are you an alien ?


I don’t know what to say. I think we are being played. How can a president with all that power lose??

Politically, things don’t happen by accident. Trust me the outcome is favoring someone somewhere and its not the common mwananchi.

But you supported it

All that power is actually percieved, not real. only people like raila believe in such unlimited power where you can have anything because you are in government.

Ikufe tu

its hard to belive with the way gava run things
CoK 2010 ndio imetukomboa

I had a right to, I’m happy though, if your baby Daddy becomes President, He won’t try his itchy fingers on constitutional amendment.

I am glad you are slowly coming to terms with a Ruto presidency. When he becomes president, He will not lose time trying something that is null and void. He will know how to do it, including calling for a Constituent assembly.

The problem is supporting something just because you thought it would help you achieve your short term political goal. When proposing changes to law, always assume that a person that you disagree with will hold power.

Having said that, I believe that the doctrine of basic structure is faulty and the AG should appeal. Otherwise, it shall necessitate a violent overthrow of the constitution

I’m of the opinion we get politics out of the equation and forget about the referendum, and head to the Supreme Court. I truly believe, they’re some ruling that came out of the CoA that needs constitution interpretation from the Highest Court.

The ruling was 80% bad. Especially on the Basic Structure and President Cannot initiate a Change in constitution. Uhuru is an Ojinga and the BBI is the most useless attempt to mess up our constitution. However, the end doesn’t justify the means.