Imefika flesh eating drugs sasa

Breakdown of families has very serious consequences. Reject the liberal-leftist agenda.


Wakufe waishe mabwau. They have raped this world for too long.

This is happening to the users, though most are also miscreants who terrorise their families and society at large.

Naweza penda zombie apocalypse

They are part of the USA. Global terrorist

Ngoja akina Mwau wakuletee flakka na PCP na crystal meth. It will take ten cops to subdue one tweaker.

Zina muonyesha ma kungfu

Alafu kuna watu hizo drugs huwa show watoe nguo zote. Mko 5 cops tackling a naked man:D

:eek: the next superSTI itatoka huku.

The more Sodom degenerates the better

Noma. God gave them over their sin.