Imagine this...

You put up a post hinting to your father you’ve caught his username. He still doesn’t get it and continues with his general degenerate behaviour. Thought you were a strict cultural man Dad? Lol you living a lie. Do you log into this site drunk or you getting too old? Act your age Dad. You’re an old man, stop arguing with teenagers in this site, spend more time at home.

How many people here have grown up sons in this site? I thought the pool was very small and he would instantly get the hint ama wazee ni wengi huku? Do I need to start giving out direct hints? God forbid.

life is too short. Hii ndio outlet yake. Simply live and let live

Clichy, your dad uchunishwa sukuma na ngombe inaitwa @Motokubwa…sorry to break your heart.

Uko na umama if you are going to call him do it already otherwise you are an attention seeking “hoe”.Ghasia bure kabisa.

Feckin atudo wachana na baba yako ajinice kwani ulisikia hapa ni church. So your claim to fame on this site will be that you discovered your dad’s username?? Well, your dad discovered your mum’s iskoloboto and even fathered you,senji

Weka link ya hio post ya hint ama hii ni hekaya tu!

…iskaba, iskebe, iskoloboto :D:D

:rolleyes::rolleyes: Your Father has done his part raising you. Move on already.
Oh and if this is another bot from the powers that be. FUCK OFF.

Huyu iceberg ni poko na anaona haya kuuza coomer hapa juu babake atakuja kujua!

Hiyo upuus yoooote inbox yeye, gas-here, tuck-a-tuck-a, May-Fee

@admin unasumbua, shenji

Since when did kids start dictating how parents will live. Be thinned by yours!!

Hint :Am better off financially than you Dad…
I guess thats because I don’t spend my valuable time engaging in useless talks in a stupid website. Loosing all respect for you.

Methinks your dad issa ghost. Nice job trolling

@Ice_Cube @Iceark @Iceb @Icecube @ice cream huyu relative wenyu anasumbua sasa…kujeni mumchukue or we melt him right now!

Niaje mrembo bila makeup.:p:D;)

I honestly don’t have that time. By God this is as real as the sun. My worst trait is curiosity so I don’t think I can stop snooping on what he posts. I just hope he gets the hint and at the very least change his username.

jiiiisas!! hi ni nini?:D:D:D:D:D

Man the fuck up @Iceberg. Heshimu wazee.

@admin rudisha kijana @Deorro kwa list ya Mods awache kulialia