Imagine Kuna Watu Hawajawahi Lipwa Tender Za 2013/2014 Mpaka Leo! NIABM!

Lakini nini huwa shida ya blecks na management. Mtu alikopa pesa kwa SACCO ama Bank akasupply Jela chakula ama Offisi za DC with stationary na mpaka leo hajawahi lipwa. Most of them developed severe depershen and some ended their lives.

Ule Mumama wa Nyandarua aliyekufa majuzi story yake ilenda aje. Mara wanasema alilipwa na familia yake inasema hajalipwa. Kuna wengine walihongana kutengenza Desks za CBC na choo nao wanalilila ndani ya hizo choo.


Tuko hapa…we moved on

When you get a deal by bribery, that’s corruption. No honour among thieves

Walisonga na ngapi?

Kama hujui mtu finance ama procurement or management, any form of procurement be it public or private should be listed among “a million ways to die”. Tender documents are all about corruption sadly… Paka mtu mafuta pesa itoke.

My uncle supplied goods to the defunct “Municipal Council” circa 2010/2011 hapo. He never got paid. He got severe manic depression hadi akakufa buana. Alikuwa amepangia hiyo doo aende nayo US juu hadi visa alikuwa amepewa. That expired visa and the navy blue passport is with us to date. Very painful

Mi huskia watu wakisema ‘Serikali haiwezi potea na pesa zako’ nacheka tu.

Hukuona mzee mwingine ametoa nguo chini ya overpass. Kichwa itaruka aisehh

Most tendeprenuers get government tenders through corruption. So it is just a case of having a taste of their own medicine.

Kama tender was gotten through corruption, you have no case

Anything government I said no.

Supplied to Utalii Hotel which is under The Ministry of Tourism.

Few months to the last generation election Utalii Hotel received funds (Aprox. Kes300m) from the catering levy to pay outstanding suppliers.

Najibu Balalal ni nani? Pesa iliingia account ya Utalii Hotel and within minutes it was withdrawn yote vile tu iliingia.

Hivyo ndivyo suppliers tulilamba glucose.

We are still chasing.

Damn. Poleni bana. Wah.

Hahaha, kama kuna document ya ughaseer hii Kenya ni pro-forma invoice.

Never supply to:

  1. County governments
  2. National government
  3. Schools
  4. Hospitals
  5. Supermarkets

One of my cousins got a tender to supply Kisumi county way back in 2014. Jamaa alikuwa hashikiki. Bado anadai mpaka wa Leo. Personally from 2018 I don’t accept LSOs from any govt agency after kulamba glucose as they say. Unatembea mpaka soldiers wanakujua wakikuona wanakutambua hata hawana haja ya kukuandika kwa ile kitabu yao. My rule has always been very simple simple since then; if you want to attend my gig nilipe my fees upfront else tembea. I would rather host two paying clients than have a room full of ninjas with LSOs niwagaramikie then nianze kufukuza payment.


Watu were paid your money. Ngoja tuu hapo nugu. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

A friend of mine’ firm got a contract to install cameras at a certain department in Bomas in 2017. Was never paid so one day he went there as if on a call to service the system and changed the NVR Admin password and set his email as the only credentials recovery email. The dense IT mofo at Bomas thought they could reset the HIKVIsion NVR admin password by contacting support in Hangzhou and just giving them serial number but were turned down. After 1 week they called my boy, but before resetting the password he verified his bank balance, he had been paid in FULL. He handed them admin rights and swore never to deal with Bomas again.

Actually mostly those who usually get the tenders corruptly are the ones who get fully paid.Some even supply “air” and get full payment! The genuine ones are the ones who end up getting shortchanged!
But most Kenyans believe that ALL tenderprenuers are corrupt which is not the case!

Cash upfront is a good strategy. Hautapata ulcers chasing after elusive payments.