Images from Mogadishu


Mogadishu is doing fine,slowly but surely emerging


[B]July 14th, 2016, 09:28 AM


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Hiyo beach siwezi karibia, toxic waste.

Good to see a neighbor flourish even with the bad times theyre experiencing




Good for them. They seem serious na life…meanwhile hapa akina Mutahi nikupata ma 12M kwa account, Eurobond na NYS zikitu andama. We got a lot of growing up to do.

Toxic waste from where ? Looks pristine.

Somalia would trade their problems for ours in a flash. No comparison at all.

I love that bird’s view photo

Am sure likes of Duale have invested heavily in Mogadishu

Awesome, media should bring this side rather than the war all the time.
There was once a documentary of how fertile their land is, I was amazed

Hio njaro ya kuenda beach fun buibui clad haibambi

Great, it is surely going places. IMO the EAC was better off with Somalia than with South Sudan in.

Why did they rush to admit S. Sudan ?


I have a feeling south sudan is worse off than somalia. Considering there are places like Hargeisa that have been thriving kutoka kitambo.

True. Most parts of northern Somalia are very safe. I have a friend who is comfortable working in Hargeisa

Somalia has been a thing longer than Kenya. There is a reason early explorers and settlers used Somalis as guides, guards while other Africans were being used as beasts of burden. Meanwhile South Sudan people are still to this day living like it’s the 1600s

Good. Now someone should ask the skinnies to pack and go back home

Hehe!..and Kamongo 1 still insists that KDF troops be pulled out of Somalia.

I have been to Somalia…all the three regions…That country is definitely toxic to foreigners. The women are among the prettiest next to the Ethiopians lakini you cannot even dare talk to any girl if you love your life