"I'm surprised that the majority of the Kirinyaga residents still live in Mud Houses due to poverty

Waiguru promises voters good housing

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Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru (left) yesterday pledged to eradicate
poverty in Kirinyaga if elected the governor. She expressed surprise that more than 50
years after Independence, majority of the county’s residents still lived in mud houses.

“I have gone round the county and I have noted with concern that residents are residing in
mud-walled houses due to poverty,” Ms Waiguru told hundreds of residents as she campaigned
at Murinduko village in the vote-rich Mwea Constituency.

Accompanied by her running mate, Mr Peter Ndambiri, the former powerful Jubilee minister
wondered how such residents could contribute towards the growth of the county.

“For residents to be able to work hard and participate in building of the region, they must
have good housing and my government will assist them,” said Ms Waiguru.
Noting that many residents could not build decent permanent houses due to poverty, she
said her government would initiate many income- generating projects in the region

Note the key words here

[SIZE=5]She expressed surprise that more than 50 years after Independence, majority of the county’s residents still lived in mud houses.[/SIZE]


Few possibilities here…

  1. She’s been living in a bubble her entire life she has never seen humans living in a mud house
  2. Shes used to the high standards of living and affluence to the point that she doesn’t expect any other human being to live in a mud house…

3shes a bimbo

4.she assumes everyone is entitled to a good life

  1. She is promising Eutopia

Will be forgoten after 8/8/17.

[SIZE=4]Marie Antoinette[/SIZE]

How is she running for governor if this is comong as a surprise for her at this time. Where have she been all this time? Has she ever done a charity project to build some people the houses they need?

Centro wamenaswa!!

You have no idea how many people, even here on KTalk, live in utopia.


i am with you on this one all of you nwasarites…but RWNEBP

hizi “high standards” alijiwekea once she joined Government…word is she schooled at MFA, went to Egerton University and grew up and lived in Kariobangi South…she was not born with a silver spoon to be surprised by mud walled houses

You have a shrivelled penis…

Here I beg to differ that peole live in mud houses especially in rural areas whereby someone has lets say some few acres of land.
It beats logic if you own two acres(two) si uuze ka quarter and jenga nyumba mzuri na uvute stima ala

Probably you live in utopia ndio maana huelewi why they live like they do. Sorry to put it that way though, bro.

My only consolation on Waiguru’s case ni kwamba yeye na cronies wake watakuwa anaibia watu wao unlike before.

Waiguru is my cousin, and what you have written heard is inaccurate.

In kirinyaga its not a suprise because most people especially in mwea live in settlement scheme and dont have titles

@pamba - do something. I smell NYS money!! :D:D:D

14 years of Kenyatta , 10 years of Kibaki and 5 Uhuru and yet all the mud houses UOTP speak about ni za Kibera and blame it on Raila