I'm selling my battle fly Paco for KSh 1000

He’s been through some shit, literally and I rescued him but am moving out off the country and can’t bring him with me. He has been in many wars with wasps, bees and even rats. He has severe PTSD from war so it’s best to keep him away from loud noises. Very tough but he is great with children.

The price is non negotiable


life expectancy ?

Your penis is small.



Is this that wanker that was terrorizing my battle bee?


That is not a bee, small penised orangutan.


Hornet moto yakuotea mbali,

is he a good boy?

Jamaa bure saidi.

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Mad philosopher Umeona traits zako na za Gio zinakaribiana kwa umbali?

You had me at “I’m sellin my ba…”


I was starting to think you are something else but anyway,… Just forget it.

Afadhali ungetwangwa ile siku ulijaribu kuibia bibi ya wenyewe kwa mat ya Esisch…Shenji.

Haikuwa mimi Ngombe it was another dude