I'm not rich, I'm wealthy

To give you peasants a brief background, my grandfather was a bigshot during the Jomo Kenyatta and subsequently Moi era.

My dad wasn’t active in politics, but he made BILLIONS selling air to the government. He stashed some of the loot overseas, and invested the rest in local construction businesses, hotel resorts, malls, vehicle dealerships, bars, clubs… The list is too long to exhaust for you brokies.

As you pee-ons might imagine, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Ever since I disembarked from my mom’s uterus, I had maids, drivers, waitresses, waiters, bodyguards, and tutors on standby, ready to bend over at my whim. I go on vacation every 2 months. Yeah, first class only. We have mansions all around the world, so that saves on hotel accomodation, but once in a while I prefer unwinding at the Burj Al Arab. Presidential suite of course.

As for my education, in case you losers are wondering why I’m so fluent, I’m a Brookhouse alumni. Lest I forget, I graduated from Uni in London a few years ago. To put it bluntly, whereas wankers like @Mikymas didn’t make it past class 3, I am a well-learned, high IQ individual.

To summarize, I’m young, handsome, healthy, wealthy, and talented in all realms of intellect.

You may now resume to your peasantry.


Ted Wairi.

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Brookhouse ndio ulitobolewa haga. What about you father, is he a worthless loser, juu hakuna mahali unamtaja


Ted Wairi the homosexuality conman faggot?


“at my wim”

“why I’m so fluent”


If it were true, it would be even lamer. IQ is flipping that and double it. You are a silly boy fantasizing

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Catch flights, not feelings.


I knew you’d edit you coward


@bra_bra_cupship you are not fit to lick the soles of my loafers, let alone to correct me on my spelling transgressions.

It was a minor error, stop being so pedantic and get over it, loser.

Now you are a gay lanye selling your ass in Sophia joy for 50

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I don’t grace dingy brothels like @MTINGIZA_KITANDA and @minomolokanyunjakoko.

I mean, I have access to 10/10 supermodels. Why would I settle for luthuli momos like the two afforementioned wankers?


Oukuma thread

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Which loafers… Because loafers are informal shoes

Whats your point exactly?

I believe you.

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catamite wa abdul muikamba mjinga @KuwaitBabe is a mere adventurer from kangundo, without fortune, without family or connections, ignorant even of grammar.

@Tauren is the son of a Okada driver.

Alaa, bro from Naikuru, hapa kuna vyenye umeteleza kwa nyasi. I expected a detailed description of how you are toe to toe with this guy… :grin:


I can take on anyone.

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@applebee100 is a full-fledged peasant.

He pretends to be classy and sophisticated, but hawk eyed old-money gents of my caliber can see right through his bullshit.

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You have a keen eye for grifters.