I'm not rich but I fuck expensive hoes

My addiction to IG models led to start fucking expensive hoes yet I’m not rich.
I need help, can a rich village elder sponsor me


Uko na ujinga

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :smiley: …nani alikudanganya ni expensive?! you punks pay premium price for damaged goods then you come here chest thumping of how a fool parted ways with his money! Wewe ni Ghaasiaaaaa tu kama @uwesmake vile @Eng’iti ana @Tom Bayeye Mkunduni BHBLNKN.

@patco unasumbua

How? Uza mboo

Kaoshe yua supple matiti ulale:D

:D:D:DHuyo ni shoga tajiri Seattle and is a well known bottom homosexual in these streets . Anaweza saidia OP

Thanks for the message…wait in line for our important response about what you can do about it… :D:D:D


osha hio kuma yako chafu b4 ulale


Mujamaa kumbaf sana

Did you know the more expensive she looks in IG the more poor and a hood rat she is.a beggar and most probably single mother from east-lands.

@patco is always lurking.

Ghasia takataka matter-core wewe!

Mujamaa bladfukin sana