I'm No Longer Smart Enough to Listen to HipHop or Watch Movies.

This is true.
Whenever I listen to music and then try to discuss with someone, the conversation usually sounds something like this.

“Hey yo, Friend Dude. Heard the new Supa Hot Fire track? It’s on fire.”

“Yeah, T.Waste. It’s his best one yet. His play on words and conscious lyrics is outstanding. His societal commentary captures all the allegorical parallels between todays consumerism and historical enslavement of the Afri…[] So why do you like it T. Waste?”

“Uhm… because the hook goes like dum badam baba dum rrra.”

It’s not just music, man. Just the other day, I watched The Killing of a Sacred Deer. When the credits rolled I thought: “Well, that’s two hours of my life am never getting back. This is some dumb shit. Let me check what others have to say about it online.”

It’s a masterpiece. 100/10. A film for the ages!

Anywho. Let me recommend something for you this weekend.

I, Tonya.


It’s a masterpiece. 100/10. A film for the ages! No, really. It is.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


If you only have time for one movie today, this is the one. Some dark humour, political incorrectness, and a very good story.



Same reason I liked Rango. What can I say, I like Mexican music. It’s not a boring movie.

And now for some pandering. This little villain always cracks me up.


Watching this today. Loved the preview


You’re growing. Your brain is demanding a new adventure. Get into something new.

Discover books, travel, gardening, woodworking…

Watched Coco jana usiku n I liked it.


I wonder how they made detachable rigs. Need to try it