I'm no hater, but....

The System shouldn’t let shady people retire. I don’t see why a Drug dealers, corrupt people, arms dealers and so one, should be awarded the pleasure of retiring and enjoying the fruits of their labor, after causing too much harm and pain to the society.
At the end of it all, evil has to be defeated under all cost, and good should be rewarded. I don’t know what kind of society we are bringing up, by letting these shady characters enjoy level of comfort and tranquility.

The human mind is complex… throughout our evolution only species that have managed to beat the system have survived. And naturally we admire the kind that dare and we reward them handsomely. Drug dealing is not for thr faint hearted sorry. And those guys will always belong at the top.

your post lacks context

My main point isn’t in stopping them, the issue is letting them retire peacefully and in tranquility.
It’s also in human nature that evil gets defeated.

Welcome to the real world kid! Bad guys win. Fuck morals. But think of it, Darwinism is at play. The so called drug dealers and evil guys are the ones who are surviving so according to nature, they should survive long and reproduce.

Evil only gets defeated through committing more evil. You want to be independent? Get ready to maim and kill white settlers in cold blood besides torching homes and destroying their livelihoods. Thats how nature works… I’ll trust kenya is serious when they are ready to adopt chinese strategies of public execution of drug dealers and corrupt individuals. The government must be willing to commit evil.

The law says they should be jailed. retirement inakujia wapi? do criminals retire really?

“Oh Lord, why do the ways of the wicked prosper?” -somewhere in Psalms