I'm new here

I’m new here… I already said that… so could someone explain to me just what the deal is with y’all. Everybody trippin! In fact, y’all trippin harder than a fat guy with untied laces! Do you know how hard that is? Do you know how hard a fat guy trips especially if he has untied laces. That’s quite hard. It’s really hard. So y’all just need to chill. Just chill y’all and stop trippin.
Don’t be this guy
Be this guy

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Wow! That’s fcuking amazing. So, how are u doing

Welcome to the hamlet. Shakespeare started it.

I’m good! what the fuck is ‘fcuking’?

Wow! I didn’t know they had the internet back then.

go back to your soiled handle nyefmatitis

Yep, t’was visible then. Now it’s virtual.

Told you guys, hapa mpaka ujipange na handles kadha, sahii niko na tano,money has been poured.


I don’t know what any of that means

Kwani Nef amewekwa Equator?

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Haya ni mapepo!!!

@Nefertities kuja

Chokosh momo wa detroit umeunda handle ingine with your true gender?


i knew that ghetto chuppacabra was packing all along

did you remember to untuck your trippin nuts today? coz you come in here as a dude …and learn how to embed a gif dickweed,the fat guy’s would have been hillarious


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@Bingwa Scrotum uko area:D
:D:D aka mnusa tako


You guys don’t make any sense… or maybe i’m still on that shit

Hey i see you are a staff member. Could you like give me the lay of the land? I feel like guys are trying to tell me something but I seem to have an undeveloped context

Maybe you should try a comedy club. They have some major laughs there