I'm looking at my phone's screen and i'm infuriated....

How are the two related because the CBK governor is catholic.


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That’s impossible celibacy isn’t for everyone.

Some are born into celibacy while some like you are forced into it.


“My Father’s house of worship, has become a den of …”

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Vitu mingi watu mnaonanga. Even institutions like churches, universities, election commisions etc are built of bullshit.

My password is 1234. I can never forget it

As far as I can tell, the Catholics are indeed finding more than half of the costs incurred. Its just that the state needs to avoid embarrassment and thus have to incur some costs to make the pope, who is also a head if state have a memorable visit.

i thought vatican/rome is an independent state and pope is the head/president so to the kenyan government they are welcoming a head of state

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Assholes run the world while smaller assholes support them. Meanwhile the wise among humanity have been reduced to freaks in the eyes of the said assholes.



he is a head of state…

you should be more worried about not getting some shaft, kuolewa inaweza kaa:D

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ata obama kagame museveni haikuwa hivi

Calling someone HOLY father is worshipping him, only God is holy.

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Government probably received 1 billion to cater for the visit from Vatican. They spend 200 million and share the rest amongst themselves.

Even a confession session with the Pope himself cannot wipe the sins that some people commit in this Kenya.


read 1 peter 1:16


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? is this @Algernon ? did they lock you out of the old account or is the “Sybilism” getting worse?

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