I'm looking at my phone's screen and i'm infuriated....

I’ve been avoiding this conversation but man each day this is getting harder to ignore. Really.

How can u raise ksh.200,000,000 to receive one man and yet you can’t feed your own??

I’d have thought this is the exact opposite of holy?

Nothing to do with God here, just common sense.

Maybe it’s just me… ni hayo tuu


The curse that is religion. .:wink:


Opium of the masses


Jamaa hata hajui kuongea kizungu vipoa na wanamwabudu Kama mungu

This is what religious fanaticism does to people

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Dude are you for real.
English isn’t even his first language.
He addressed the American Congress with his halting English and they were clapping at his every word.
How many world leaders get that rare honour?


I guess you know nothing about catholics,no one worships the pope,they give him respect as the leader of the catholic church same as kiuna is given as leader of jcc only diffrence kiuna has a few thousand followers while the pope has more than a billion followers.

HIO 200 million ishachezwa NYS style hii ni Kenya

This has got nothing to do with religion, it’s about a government with misplaced priorities and a deluded public that voted it in because it is led their tribesmen. This is about us voting in corrupt and selfish leaders over and over since independence and fiercely protecting them just because they come from our tribes. you’ll hear talkers here singing praises of the Rutos and Railas and Uhurus despite of their colorful history in plundering or being beneficiaries of our stolen resources. Even the middle class are not any better they think they are clever and classless and free but they are fucking peasants as far as I see-John Lennon.


Holy Father :D:D

pengine hao watoto sio holy :frowning:

Hio ni pesa kidogo sana kwetu sisi wakatoliki. Na pia tumelisha wengi sana duniani wacha Kenya. Na mtu asijaribu kuongea mbaya kuhusu Baba Mtakatifu. Hahaha!

insightful, very insightful indeed…,

funny, even the other luo guy who came around could not speak any swahili to save his life…

Ata germans wameendelea zaidi ya UK na hawaongei kizungu.
Not that am in support of that pope worever.

Which one? Ooh, Obama.

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I restrain myself from telling people this because most consider themselves to be in this class. Watadhani ninawatukana directly.


Kenyans need to elect an atheist president religion and state needs to be separated.

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And that is the magic wand that will solve all our problems? Hata kina Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were atheists.

Not all problems,specifically this spending millions on a church leader can’t catholics themselves fund his trip?

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You mean they worship the same religion with our CBK Governor? All men will end up in celibacy, then sisi ladies tutaolewa na nani?

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