Im i the only one

I have always hated school so i wouldnt agreee more or less wether experience is the best teacher. K-talk though is no ordinary school. If i call its experience good then id be implying the 2 sides of a coin are rather useless. Its here where Alphabets which btw only made sense on Grades, now gets to dictate who Talks & who listens?, who chews & who swallows? and the likes of who dislike and Like. Dont you agree? Wait for it…keep the comment to yourself. As an old NV i have realized the distance from N-S is literally long. Ironically the village is very humble (…Kendrick Lamar seconds this ). So humble that they give you chairs to rest, well aint they the ultimate sweethearts everyone wants to have a taste of. Damn it takes forever to get to S, why im i not surprised. Not the best knit thread of points but nothing earned or lost either. Lets go to cliche land now. (…in Elijas voice ) SHALL WE?

and that’s why you are poor meffi keti hapo
na usaidie wenzako

You’re you the only one.

Ii imepita vetting aje Elders??

I am A- in '94 …Arabian Baller … and I hate @Mrs4thletter …and dislike @Guru for no reason

And I see old people dying and wish, the characters @FieldMarshal CouchP and @gashwin would follow suit …perhaps due to insufficient internet bundles

@screwplus is a dog

@Deorro is an immature scrotum

@Mathaais is a hollow head

Herein lies the answer.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Tuktuk huwa na gear lever??:smiley:


Be herbal.
Chagua kiti.
Hiyo ya katikati ni ya @jumabekavu usiguse.

Iko nayo…believe like am a doctor. But not from Chaina

Just had to scroll back to confirm that this was @introvert

Alafu askize ile ngoma inaitwangwa “Am a herbal African…” Akiteleza na dual-clutch:D:D:D


This here should surprise you more than becoming a ‘S’