I'm giving Ksh.1 Million in funding

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There’s a guy a week ago who came with this kind of post. Huyu alikuja na story ya office space and looking to partner with someone for free.

Nyinyi conmen tunawaonea 18.

Would you fund a Startup in Agribusiness?
Well it’s not a completely new idea, it’s been done before, but there’s a twist plus it’s now to be locally implemented.
And so it benefits the Locals. Should be good stuff for a VC joining in later and also NGO money.
Niendelee Dennis Onyango?

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Not here to con anyone, I’m not asking anyone to contribute or donate or send me money; I’m simply asking for a good idea worth funding. I’ve received a few ideas in my inbox but no one can really tell me what they would use the million for, they’re a bit too vague.

Nime-report hii ujinga unaandika hapa wacha nione if admins on this platform are any good. Please GO AWAY!

Not Dennis Onyango. Anyway, I’m open to funding an agribusiness, not my area of specialty but i’m open. If it has something to do with tech in agribusiness then I’m in. Anyway tell me more.

1 million is not much for a serious business. I have an idea but I’d need at least 20million.

It’s in fintech.

20 million mingi sana…But we can start small and look for VCs.

Am a Tech guy but the idea is not in Tech. It’s in Value addition.That 1M would just be for mobilization and logistics.
The bulk of the cash shall come from a bank guarantee provided by the takers of the produce.


You can tell me more, I’m open to that as well.

Kuja hapa SJ idea itakuja after kusafisha mecho kama tumemeza cham.

Kama uko na a five acre land mahali and willing to wait for ten years just do what I have done. Plant 100000 Cypress trees, after ten years sell each at 2000 shillings. The profits will be worth the wait.

Upuss thread. Unatowa wapi 1m na huwezi fikiria business idea. Penye umetoa hio mita utoe zingine hapo simple. Kama umenyonga mtu uendelee since you are best at it but hii mambo kulazimiza penye hufai, utaanguka miguu juu:D

I had an idea of selling wifi with daily offers. 1GB @ 20bob daily. This was when I built a pfSense router out of a Mac Pro 2012 after experimenting with OpenWRT using a special LinkSys Cisco router.
A friend caught sight and ventured on his own. He succeeded but he never implemented the system the way I would have.

Business idea gani profitable with markets bleeding all over the world. Take the money and short assets and currencies, crypto, Eur, yen. That’s the best use of your money right now.

Pia mimi nilitengenza Kes1,000,000. I was delighted to see my bank balance pass that threshold.

I looked for a business to start, other than my own; 34seat matatu, building, farming, shares, crypto, etc. With the elections around the corner, I decided to wait. Still waiting.

Lesson I learnt

  1. Rich people rarely have strong ideas. Poor people have stupid ideas.
  2. Get stable places to invest: My neighbour sold his property, only to start a bar and get float and stock stolen every day! He has too much stress
  3. The best idea does not rent
  4. The stable ideas do not involve family!

So I decided to:

  1. [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]invest in my current business.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol at a bar; especially your local bar! (I can drink tea/soda at a bar these days! You get the worst unfeasible ideas at a bar). Drink at home, golf club, etc.

Also, when talking to my friends, everyone says that KES1,000,000 is small money! So I decided to do my personal accounting in dollars. That way it seems like I have very little money.

Even worse if you start saying you want to take a loan of KES150,000,000.

Utaona, hii Kenya (East Africa) yetu in ndogo!

room ya kutombana?