I'm giving Ksh.1 Million in funding

Hello guys, I have 1 million in cash to spare for a project if you have a viable idea. I have a project of my own in the Ed-Tech sector but before I embark on that journey I’m looking for other people that may have better ideas but just lack funding, so if you have a viable idea and do no have the necessary funding hit me up we could have a talk about it. It would be easier if you are within Nairobi or Kisumu too so that we can easily link up for a discussion. (I now Ktalk is full of unserious guys only hungry for sex, but I’m hoping there are a handful of you who are serious). Kind regards, Dennis O.

kwa clan yenu hakuna watu wana better ideas? siblings

Nope, all of them talk about carwashes and those are ideas I cant fund.

You want to steal ideas

The only idea you have is lanye cost benefit analysis cum procurement . Nothing can be stolen from your meffi filled brain . Next

Chunga. Hapa utakutana na akina @Dr. Kerre(PhD) and his many group of handles. Con men tupu.

I’m not stealing ideas, if anything I’m relying on the fact that whoever is interested in getting funding is an expert in his/her field and just needs a bit of funding which I can provide, then maybe we can agree on percentages. I don’t need to steal anything, plus if your idea can be easily stolen it’s probably not a good one.

Thanks for the heads up!!!

There are many legit business consultants with physical offices everywhere.
Watembelee usaidike.


I knew of a couple of Fintech startups, I visited their Vibandas/Stands and heard about their pitching strategies., this was just before Rona hit, saa hii naona zingine ziko fully operational, funded in dollars! Some are standing amongst industry giants. Check these out, https://www.fintech.coffee/research/56-kenya

This is very helpful brother. I’m very grateful for it.

where is the catch?

Hourly hotel room booking service.

He’s the smartest of them all and their last hope.

Sijawahi sikia hio idi-amin

What do you mean?

Give in funding…lolest sikusoma mirrion to be mentioned after :D:D:D…con

Patie waturedio deposit…utapatiwa mbiashara indeas…

Elders portfolio ni mbirrions…

So much raw talent for a shrewd investor…malanye articles

I will add 1 mirrions…ukipata…

What are you even saying?

Can’t we just go a day without some idiot mentioning malaya?