I'm back

Guess who’s back? I am . Wenye matusi faster faster let it come and ill reciprocate the same. I’m waiting

faceshit aka abba ,tulia


Coomer ya mkoonduuuu

who are you?


Nakiere aye

Which is your tribe?

Fwack!!! You beat me to it.

Wrong , I have a big handle . Not abba. Mbuzi

Mimi sio abba. Mention my name well . Silly head

Mkoonduuu ya coomer

I am who I am


kalia kidole senji

What were you famous for before you left?

i still see faceshit.

I was suicidal after ferrod masho quoted that he was going through depression. It pushed me to a point of retiring from ktalk,only to come back 3 months later and viola I became a senior villager.That’s where I left.