Illiterate Sudi Sworn In...Painful To Watch....

:D:D:D:D sad isn’t it

Kuna illetrates huwanga very lucky.
Huku kwetu fishing community tumewaona std 2 3 4 dropouts whose only skill is fishing…but jamaa ni millionaire…kazi ni kuuza fis na cross border trade and the guys swimming in money…kuna yule hata kisum city hajawahi kanyaga na hata hatamani.
Bahati ya mwenziye usilalie mlango wazi…kama kuna any guys in your local communities who work na guva fisheries in coast or lake victoria…waulize wakupe first hand info.

Time to eat

You elect class 4 drop outs and thieves then expect kenya to be like singapore. Wakenya hawana akili kweli.


Mi ni A- in 94 …Nina akili

Then you and me might be the only exceptions from the 50m+ morons.

What did you accept In a subbie majority country

I saw such in TZ guys dealing with gold and other stones and drive new Land cruisers and blow Usd big time. Msee hajawai enda shule hata a day or maybe 3 years maximum.

Gang colors

Kwani mtu haezi pick option ya Kiswahili?

This country is in a mess coz of learned people
iyo degree itolewe kwa requirements za kua mbunge. ni ya nini?

Would you entrust your life and business to a doctor, architect, accountant, teacher etc with a fake certificate? So why entrust a barely literate law maker to determine your life and taxes?

Unadhani kiswahili ndio ataweza? Huyu ni kama Floyd Mayweather…ataongea kizungu lakini ukimpea kitabu ya watoto hawezi. Reading is a skill u learn with practice.

@Sudi ni mtu wa maana, he is ten times better than hawa corrupt politicians with phd. Tembea kapsaret uone vile iko developed

Get a room you two self righteous cunts

low IQ thinking

Kwani proffesor kama nyong’o wako wapi?

What is painful about this? Would you have said this if he was struggling to read Nandi?