Illinois Judge removes Trump from Ballot

Trump removed from another State Ballot.
This is the 3rd State to do so:joy: :rofl:


He said he can only come up with $100m. He has 30 days to come up with $450m. And no bank can loan him at the moment.

After 30 days, AG will start collecting. Talk about being in between a rock and a hard place.

He still has 3 Justices of the Supreme Court who are delaying Jack Smith’s Case …
The idea is to keep delying it until after the Elections
But …
The US Voters are watching …
Let’s see what happens … :blush:

And he still owes Ms. Eugene Carroll USD: 85 Million ( plus interest )
She will probably be first in line to claim his fixed Assests ,

Unless he can sell enough Trump Sneakers:rofl: :joy:

We need uncle Trump to be POTUS again.Enough of these gay senile Democrat administration forcing…LGBT shit down throats of poor 3rd world countries. Democrats using CIA to impose west puppets…like Kenya.,Tinubu in Nigeria,Ghana President, engineering coups in Gabon, Niger etc stealing elections and even eliminating Haiti president and Dr Magufuli.

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Watu wa ku-support the old senile thing called Biden will never ever respond to demoncrats promotion of LGBT wokeness, chaos, war and mayhem, general disorder, damaging dictatorial policies and lowering of quality of life in general. To them, war is peace and slavery is freedom, and goddamned be anyone who tries to go against these tenets. So it behooves me when they locally castigate Zakayo, who is a mirror reflection of the Biden thing and his (mis)administration.

Yea. To them its totally consistent to call for a violent overthrow of the government of your own country and then go defend the violent policies of the government of a foreign country.

Yaani ni wars tu wanaona.

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Kacivil war kananukia. Time is ripe for the union to split off. Gatemanwo tuone kama those woke ghasia will toboa war of attrition.

Trump was POTUS from 2016-2021
Apart from running down a healthy US Economy inherited from President Barrack Obama …

  • did he “drain the Washington Swamp” …???

  • did he eliminate corruption …???
    ( in fact his children and son-in-law actually benefited from it )

  • did he end any Wars …???
    ( Iraq , Afghanistan and Syria were red hot and his good friend , Putin , was busy in Crimea , Luhansk , Donetsk and Georgia …)

  • did he build a Border Wall and make Mexico pay for it …???
    ( … Nope …all there is is a 35 mile , half built , crumbling shadow of a wall that has no effect on Drug Smuggling and Illegal Migration … the Mexicans have told him to go f**ck himself …)
    In any case Walls have NEVER worked anywhere in the world
    Not the Great Wall of China …
    Not the Berlin Wall …
    Not the Security Fences that surround the State of Israel.
    Walls cannot keep out determined Humans

  • Queers and Gays have existed everywhere since the begining of time …
    And they will continue to exist for the forseeable future …

This anti-Gay , anti-Civil Rights , anti-Choice crusade weaponized by religious fanatics , political extremists and social misfits must be called out.
( …interesting , is it not , that the drivers of these efforts are themselves Racists , Mysoginists , Insurrectionalists , corrupt and morally bankrupt …)

There is a real danger that , if they ultimately succeed , we are all on a slipery slope where anyone who does not think or act like them becomes a target.
The end of Freedoms like Free Expression and freedom of Association.

What can Trump and his MAGA morons tell ANYONE about morality , the rule of Law or good governance …???

Choices of Sexuality and Religion should be Private , Individual matters and not the subject of Legistlation or Public Inquiry.

What CONSENTING Adults want to do in the privacy of their Bedrooms** is their Business ( as long as no Crime is committed )
No one asks YOU what you do in yours:blush: