'I'll get rid of it before I die': Daniel Craig reveals his children won't inherit his vast fortune.

[SIZE=6]‘I’ll get rid of it before I die’: Daniel Craig reveals his children won’t inherit his vast fortune because he believes it’s ‘distasteful’ to pass on his millions[/SIZE]
Daniel Craig has revealed his children won’t inherit his vast fortune because he plans to ‘get rid of it’ before he dies. The James Bond star, 53, who has a net worth of around £116 million ($160 million), said he believes inheriting money is ‘distasteful’ and he is hoping to ‘give away’ most of his millions. Daniel, who has a daughter with his current wife Rachel Weiss and another with his ex Fiona Lourdon. 'I think Andrew Carnegie [an American industrialist] gave away what in today’s money would be about 11billion dollars, which shows how rich he was because I’ll bet he kept some of it, too. ‘But I don’t want to leave great sums to the next generation. I think inheritance is quite distasteful. My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go.’


Mean old man.

Ako na bahati hakuoa Kabete sista ya @Motokubwa or @Sokwe mtu. by Christmas angekua anazikwa after kupatikana amecommit “suicide” by eating raw cow dung

huyu nugu ni mkono ngamu hataki hao madem wake wa~enjoy mali yake na ndume zingine:D
kama ako na mvulana najua angemwachia io mali yote:D
meffi yeye

Ubarikiwe na Mungu tena utupe? These leftists watatuonyesha maneno.

Si basi Abraham angeambia Isaac , “My dear boy I will leave you nothing. I will scatter it to the wind.”

Si basi huyo Craig atupe hata huyo mtoto juu ametoka kwa Mungu. That is just mean.

It’s his money. He can do what he wants with it.

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jinga shenzi type yeye. kama sio Ian Fleming, this character wont be known to us.

He is a Democrat. It’s like a virus. Bill Gates huwa anatishia kufanya the same.

Meanwhile Trump used to even bring his daughter to the office so she can learn the ropes and know how to operate when he is gone.

Do you see the difference in leadership?

Meanwhile Biden instead of involving his kid in wholesome businesses like real estate he involved his kid in shady corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China hadi kijana anaanza kutumia powders to kill the demons in his mind. You send your own kid to buy weapons, fund labs, overthrow govts … it’s bound to have an impact on his mental well being.

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Tena meanest ! presumably, he can starve his kids to death becuase he wont allow them to feed themselves using his money !

Peasant writer utawachia nini watoto isipokua your uvocorp account?

:D:D:D Bwana @ Patco, basi hata hapa pia lazima ubete corner to Trump & Biden.

:pwewe unafaa kupewa ile prize ya nobel peace prize [ATTACH=full]380741[/ATTACH]

Nothing tastes better than eating your own sweat:D

[SIZE=5]Coward Waciuri jana uliitwa na @TrumanCapote ukajificha the whole day saa hii ndio umetoka kwa shimo na hata hauna aibu. :rolleyes:

Here is the thread in question :[/SIZE]


Jamaa amekuwa akisoma posts za @Azor Ahai sasa anaogopa aachwe na bibi na watoto akiwa mzee


Lazima nikumbushe Democrats.

LMAOOOOOO wewe na @TrumanCapote pambaneni na hot flushes

msiamini izo upuzi za hao watu. Huwa hawapeani chochote. Melinda Gates husema foundation yao imefanya kazi worth billions places kama Kibera, lakini ukienda kwa ground unapata sio ivyo. Ao billionaires ni wajanja zaidi, na mean zaidi, akose kupea mtoto apatie stranger? waache uwongo

Mostly porojo to appear to be kind humans.

Jaribu kuomba grant from Gates foundation, utazungushwa uchoke with a million obstacles to cross.

Hata za Soros kabla upewe lazima ulete proof ukidinya mwanaume mwenzako haga ndio waamini you are ga.y enough to get funding.

This is what @Abba goes through to get funding for his NGO.

In this life what matters is not money. Only poor people think money is important. The most important thing, as i have tried to explain numerous times, is social capital. Carnegie may have given away 11 billion of his fortune but he left his children and future generations could last them 1000 lifetimes. He left them connected to the highest echelons of power.

Today if a thug billionaire dies, he will leave his family worse off than he found them. A good example is el chapo or escobar. imagine if they somehow managed to leave their children a few million. That money would do them no good in modern society. They could only thrive in the crmininal underworld. On the other hand, Carnegies children and grand children and the future progeny will always have a seat at the table even without any huge bank accounts.

It’s a major reason why these thuggish black rappers and many sports stars who retire with millions of dollars never really make a name for themselves. They spend their lives fucking baby mamas and squandering the chance for social connections. While a few get along fine, most just fade away after a generation or two.

Craig may not leave his kids much money but he will leave them access to the best opportunities in the world.

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