I'll build Arror, Kimwarer dams-DP Ruto


After he stole the money. This guy man.

Blunder after blunder. He should kiss the seat goodbye.


This will be done in a record time of 6 Months.


Who are the conmen? This man is disgusting.

From the horses mouth. Wachana na hio investigation yenyu ya bunge la mwananchi


This is the openly lying conman you want Raila to waste his diminishing energy debating with?

So 7billion (according to Ruto himself) stole itself? And he consoled us by saying the money was insured? Mnatubebaga aje nyinyi? Is it possible for any petty crook to steal this kind of money without a trace?

Tunaamini yako ama ya DPP? Investigations zako hubiria fellow cows