Ilemi Triangle. Now is the best time for Kenya to take it before we are Migingod

It is time to make the move.
Sudan is out of the picture, SS is weak and busy and Ethiopia never had a strong claim anyways.

UG took Migingo, Somalia wants half of our waters but this one, this one is ours.

We can strong-arm the hell out of S.S. There is oil there and we need it more than they do.

-1902-1903: the Ethiopian emperor Menelik proposes a boundary with the British from Lake Turkana to the Indian Ocean – the British disagree and settle boundaries with other European powers at the “Maud Line” without Ethiopian involvement, placing the triangle in Sudan’s control.
-1907: The Anglo-Ethiopian Agreement treaty between Ethiopia and British East Africa remains vague about the border’s details but maintains the Maud Line
-1938: A Joint Kenya-Sudan survey team establishes the “Wakefield Line” or “Red Line,” temporarily establishing the northern limit to grazing in Turkana after the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1936.
-1956: Sudan wins independence and from then until the present day has not administered Ilemi (or much of southern Sudan) due to civil war
-1972: Sudan-Ethiopia boundary alteration does not resolve the issue because Kenya is not involved.
-1978: The Kenyan government begins arming Turkana in the region.
-1990s: Ethiopia begins arming Dassanech in the area, further increasing tension in the area.

That place is brutal.

is it worth it? hawa south sudanese have zero education but are professors of war. at least somalis had a time when they had a stable nation. these guys have known more than half a century of vita tu.

they’ll jerk off to the possibility of getting into a war with kenya since it will at least be something that keeps them productively engaged.

these places people fight over in the hope that they have oil usually have nothing. ama tutafute njia ya horizontal drilling ndiyo tunyonye ile iko bila kuvuka border.

Foresight demands that our trade and security cooperation is more important than this disputed land. We can negotiate and settle it peacefully. We want S.Sudan to take up lappset from oil pipeline, power, SGR railway and trade. That is more important.

I don’t see why we can’t negotiate for both territory and LAPPSET at the same time.

we should annex land in sudan

boss you should look at current maps. i think we already got it during kibakis tenure

Not true. Last I heard was in 2011 2012 when it was reported that S.Sudan had opened a case at UN on the issue.

In this 2015 article by some Sudanese fuccboi they claim John Garang sold Ilemi to Moi and Kiir ceded the territory to Kenya in 2011.

This matter is far from settled and I’d not be surprised if we lalia until its gone.

He he…wewe ni wale wanakamua mabibi za ma-neighbour chini ya maji.