Ile show ya Trevor Noah ni meffi tupu

Inakaa hii jangili ilipeleka chuki ya apartheid hadi NYC. Some of his most recent episodes - muh black pools, muh black hair, muh black 4th of July, muh black TikTok :meffi::meffi::meffi:. Kwani American negroes hawachoki na victim mentality?

He’s unhinged

It’s easy to judge from 13,000km away. From that distance, everything looks small. I used to think this way --wondering why blacks in the US feel victimised all the time.

I realised I could never understand because I don’t have the context. I don’t live there or experience their day to day struggles. And it’s not like when slavery ended everything suddenly became OK and racism instantly ended with it.

It’s the same way we judge South Africans.

Same here…my view of a white man changed permanently after living amongst them for 3years…I now understand why blacks who have been victims before act the way they do…context is key

What was your view of the white man before and after living with them?? Tell me I also want to know.

@tall mnyambo everywhere nishakwambia severally uwache hii udaku na utafute jinsi ya kuhama kutoka your moma’s basement. Mambo ya american race relations haikuhusu.

kaambie babako malaya wewe

Mnyama has a valid query.

@Akon City Ako na symptoms za uncle Tom homeguard syndrome…

These self hating black think they are special because they’ve interacted with white people limitedly most probably here in our motherland where most white folks will be on their best behavior so they think that it’s black Americans who are dumb for always acting the way they do and complaining about something that ended centuries ago!
They need to ask themselves why African elites kids after finishing their studies abroad opt to come back home immediately almost all of them!

Si probably demographic ya most viewers is made of black people.

Wewe ndio umezoea satire za akina Jalang’o

Trump is gone so new content lazima itafutwe

Usilete feelings, remember it’s just a hustle. $$ He has to say controversial things because that’s how he gets paid. You don’t get those by being a bore.