Ile ploti dame aliuliwa TRM drive

Weh, can you continue living in such an apartment…Yenye mtu anauliwa mkiwa mumelala… Mimi nahama tu…


Capitalism at its finest but heri hivyo bure wangenotice kungewaka

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Kuna photo flani ilipostia hapa leo.Walichinja yeye kama kuku banae.Nawakaenda nakichwa kama imeshikana na shingo

Ukihama itachange nini exactly kwa maisha yako? There are so many things you use on a daily basis that were used by people who even died while using them. Next time you are in a restaurant about to put a spoon in your mouth, or hotel room, about to cover yourself to sleep, think about that.


Nairobi watu wako na roho ngumu. The rent may even rise due to the fame

Hio sikuona,iko wapi?

Too ngori

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Enda kwa twitter page ya Sonko…ye ndio alipost

The head is used for ritual purposes, yahoo boys know better.

Sadly I know her family. Good people

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I feel so bad for the family. Ata kumpeleka Daystar shows they cared for her. Hii inanigonga zaidi coz she was not just another whore, she was they typical campo girl. Pass my condolences to the family from a very concerned online stranger.


Enda kwa twitter page ya jamaa anajiita Omwamba

Very sad bana…

Enda twitter ya chokosh Mike Sonko, dame alikatwa vipande vipande kama kuku banae.

Lakini Sonko, why would he post such photos and he is a father to daughters…

Another hoe ndio haikugongi? You and these psychos who do this shit, same WhatsApp group. They will do this to a woman then go home and love their sisters, mothers and daughters bcz they care for them and they’re not just another whore. No life is more valuable than the other. All life is sacrosanct. Concern yako pelekea mamako, the typical campo girl was seen as just another whore by the Nigerian. Case closed.

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I think she was bewitched. She probably met him thinking that they would be going for dinner and after they met the charms made her a zombie. I would not wish this even to Satan. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Pole sana to the family. It’s time parents talk to their daughters to be careful with dating bcz the world has bcm a crazy place.

Ni kama aliwekewa mchele. At least her death was painless

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Ai. Sijakuaddress baite. Hasira ya nini?

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Hakuna issue unless uko very religious, alot of estates in Kenya zimejengwa over cemeterys