Ile meli ya unga (dhamani Sh360M) imetoweka !

Soooooo surprised. :eek: Did not expect it at all.
JAP stans waliniuliza kama nimekuwa nabii when I said impunity games incoming.

[SIZE=6]Vessel in Sh360m cocaine probe goes ‘missing’ from Mombasa port[/SIZE]
Part of the suspected cocaine haul being investigated by Mombasa police. The ship that delivered the consignment was reported to be missing from the port. /ELKANA JACOB
The vessel - MSC Posetano - with suspected cocaine worth Sh360 million was furtively sneaked out of the Mombasa Port following fears that it could be blown.

Suspicion arose after another vessel MSC Nicole, which docked at berth number 16, was hastily ordered to offload its cargo.

Posetano docked on 27th at 22:50hours and left on 29th at 04:03 hours then Nicole which docked on 29th at 05:15hours and left on 30th at 08:30hours.

A third vessel, Na-Toure docked at the same berth number 16 on 24th July at 17:05hrs and left on 27th July at 18:48hours - although it is a different shipping line run by CMA-CGM.

It is also alleged that one container out of the six which were marked for the investigation cannot be traced.

Offloading of the cargo normally takes at least 3-4 days and a maximum of 5 days.

Detectives are also looking at another contradicting scenario of the bill of lading being doctored; the same being tampered with therefore making it difficult to trace the ship.

It indicated that transshipment of cargo which included the several containers of brown sugar was done on 10th June 2016 at the Port of Santos in Brazil and loaded to MSC Letizia with registration number s V. SS621R.

The bill of lading printed on July 29th further stated that the cargo was destined to Mshalle commodities, Bugolobi industrial area, Uganda.

The six containers which were enlisted and marked were measured 18 by 20 and each contained 520 bags of brown sugar.

Sources at the port said that owners and intermediaries of the cargo in the multi-billion vessel feared the media could publish the name of the vessel and President Uhuru Kenyatta could order for its destruction and ultimate sinking.

“We are sure it could have been sunk, the speed at which the cargo was offloaded at the port is unusual and most of us were chased away,” the source said.

Sources within the multi-agency investigation team told the Star that the MSC Posetano was loaded with the cargo at the port of Oman.

“If Kenyan authorities will be keen on this, several individuals drug barons will be arrested. This is a big catch and a major blow to the barons,” he said

Head of security at the port Mariam Khamisi did not pick the calls despite earlier promising to comment on the matter.

“Call me after 5 minutes. Am having my lunch and when am done we will talk more,” she said, before hurriedly dropping the call.

Police are yet to make any statement over the seizure and those interrogated in connection to the haul.

But the owner of the haul is suspected to be a well known and connected drug baron - who currently operates within Kenya and Tanzania.

Head of anti-narcotics unit Hamisi Masa maintained that the media should take the matter slowly since they are still trailing the suspects.:rolleyes:

“We will call for the briefing once we are done with our findings take it please,” he said

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just wondering if the said vessel was under arrest and detain orders now that the offensive container was discovered on land…i am sure things will unfold…

He he he! And expect a visit from Margariyan types soon.

In the next coming days utaskia ’ So n so has been found dead’
Sadness of trying to be a good Kenyan.

Uhuruto safi kama pamba

Hizi dawa zilikua za Uhunye msee, mungich eyes hehe

Kenya will be kenya …:D:D:D:D

so this story was fake.

System ya majaa? Majambazi

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Kama ingekuwa ya Uhunye hakuna mtu angeguza.

elaborate please…

There is no missing ship, the ship that delivered the container with drugs, offloaded all other cargo at the port, picked up others and left on schedule. The next ship showed up did the same and left. There is no missing ship even this story only exist in one media house and no one else is running the same.

jana @Mjuaji was crowing that his prophesy had come true…