Ilani Kali


A couple of days ago, a college forgot his bottle of urine in the bathroom, and it was unfortunate the guys waiting in line to use the bathroom was a guy in upper management.
I asked a friend what was the logic of carrying urine around, and the answer was somehow shocking.
So, we work in an environment where random drug test are conducted, and those guys who are into substance abuse usually come to work carrying urine, strapped somewhere in the genital area so as to maintain temperature.
They usually get urine from family members who are clean i.e those who don’t use any form of drugs.

Life pro tip:Unless you are in the military or some sort of security department, don’t really worry about these drug tests. Normal companies rarely take these urines for formal testing. It’s just a way of keeping employees on their toes.

you are clearly in the dark,you don’t need formal testing to find substances in the urine unless urinalysis is requested,modern substance tests are done on the spot and people have been fired after such tests getting positive