Iko Shida

A strange mob reaction there …

Musa Gitao School Girls strange reaction when they saw Gospel Artist Masterpiece …



Was it mass hysteria or being locked up too long without male company… ???.. :D:D

to teenage girls, he is as alpha as alpha can be… If you can manage to make your woman go crazy and childish like that then you have conquered her… you will do whatever you want.

But now , observe HIS reaction …

Alpha Males soak up attention …
He looked like he was running away …

Gaaayy … ??? :D:D

Mkamba illiterate maskini mshamba @PHARMACY tuoshe mecho na Ile Mali imewekwa palm na stamp ya anko Uwes :D:D:D

The young girls are horny, their wet crack is yearning for some dip stick…

This is nothing…Abel Mutua speaks about being thoroughly groped and clothes torn by girls in a Nairobi school he went to mentor.

Girls in high school are a rabid bunch…ask those who went on teaching practice.



Cute Boys Association stays winning

Those girls have been receiving the dick since they started menstruations