Ikamba song ndiyo hii.


Ban the stupid song. What the fak is wrong with some shitheads. How do you even consider recording such a stupid song. Ban the song and wail the skunk. Coomernina

Suddenly you have a mind?

You can see where we have reached as a country, we are in interesting times headed for some serious sad times

Yes sir. Do You?

To be honest I’d rather artists say things like this and end it there than people go the streets to take law into their hands. Ijs

You do stupid shit like burning peoples vehicles and get surprised when such songs appear.
As I always say, moves and countermoves.

What a stupid comment,who do you think listens to the music from the so called artists ? What comes to mind when you hear such a song attacking a whole community ? You don’t have to be a member of the community.

Kuna kelele mingi sana Zukerberg about this song, translation?

Inasema kila mtu mwenye kende moja aanze kuvaa skirt.

What a person says about my community has no effect on how I live my life on a day to day basis. Is there a Kamba person who will not afford supper this week because of this song? When Kalonzo said we Kikuyu should lie low I didn’t suffer in any way shape or form.

It’s a song reacting to perceived injustice that came from the actions of burning that lorry. They’re saying that Kamba people will now starve because the mango season is over. Ufala tu

Watu wapigwe ukweli…msimu ya maembe umekwisha.

He he he!

They also say Kaos will eat wild birds and dogs, since the mango season is over. It is hitting at Kaos with lots of borderline truths and stereotypes.

Instead of all the noise on social media, I think the aggrieved community should have replied with their own diss track.

hii shida yote ni juu ya makaa?

I have always wondered what TJRC ya Kaparo what it’s work is seriously if not taking tax payers money.Those guys are paid more than senators in usa na I’ve never seen any prosecution. Shit hole country

I am with @mabenda4 on this.

These boys need to poesha uji for six months.

Kamba mbeibs have the sweetest pussi, and you don’t even need to sweat to get it, mtungi ya kewoo tuu, so ferk these goons.

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I came across these two fools


And then?