Ikamba song (Freedom of Speech)

The guys are just exercising their freedom of speech. I disagree with their sentiments, but they have a right to say whatever they want to say. As long as they are not calling for the kamba people to be victimized, they are within their rights. We have to learn how to cope with being insulted. Because as a human being, you are bound to get insulted many times in your life. Either directly in words, or indirectly through actions. The latter is like when you go to a certain hotel, the waiters see you, but ignore you. Then one of their ‘targeted’ customers comes in, and he is served immediately. You then know that you have been insulted, by actions – not by words. Another time, someone insults you kindani-ndani… if you are a sensitive person, you know what i am talking about.
In any case, anybody who knows the kikuyu mindset knew that this is how the kikuyu would react to the charcoal ban in kitui. They believe that other communities owe them. They are amazed when another community dares to stand up to them. So it is just that the fine musicians had the guts to put it into words.
What is unacceptable to me, however, is the double standard. If it was a person from some other tribe singing a dis song about the Kikuyu, action would have been taken by now. But now that it is the kikuyu dissing some other tribe, they are handled with kids gloves. For me, i don’t support action being taken against these musicians. Neither do i support action being taken against another musician, who will sing a diss song against the kikuyu. freedom of expression.
This song is good. It serves to show other tribes the truth about who really owns kenya. So the other tribes will need, at some point, to come out of the illusion, rise up, and fight for their liberation from kikuyu tyranny.
There is no point in hating the kikuyu. The kikuyu just saw an opportunity, and took it. You can’t blame him. It is upon you, the rest of the kenyan communities to wake up, like the Oromos and Amharic people of ethiopia. To wake up and take back your country. Don’t expect it to be easy. The kikuyu, (that is, the Kikuyu elite) having taken a juicy steak at the expense of other communities, won’t let go willingly. They will have to be ‘persuaded’ to do so. Hopefully, this can be done in a peaceful manner. But perhaps that is false hope. Yet I hope against hope.


You lie. Insulting Kikuyus is very normalised. Ata hiyo furore kidogo hungeona. Kungekuwa na silent agreement with the sentiments.

Alafu unaongea ni kama uko na ka-bitterness, which makes me doubt your statement that you believe those singers had free speech. Your first paragraph is undercut by the rest of what you’ve written.

You should have just come out openly and said you want them jailed. Sio kujifanya enlightened ati free speech.

A song by two people does not represent the views of 6 million people, that song has not even been played in kikuyu stations inachezwa youtube pekee so most kikuyus do not even know it exists and will not know. If kikuyus hated kambas as much as you think we do intermarriage between our two tribes would be a rare thing but it is not, there are so many kambas in kiambu and kikuyus in kambaland living peacefully alongside each other despite the fact that we have not been on the same side in 07, 2013 and 2017, no displacement has ever happened because the ‘hate’ is blown out of proportion.

I do have some bitterness against the exploitation of other communities by kikuyus. But I also don’t believe that kikuyus should be hated. I believe that kikuyus ‘shanukad’ before the other communities. So they had a chance to exploit certain opportunities before the other communities discovered their importance. Now that the other communities are coming of age, they should strive to resolve those issues without hating on the kikuyu.

Simple, kambas’ stopped eating dogy when kikuyus’ started fucking the shiiit! outa them!

Huyo Kachero ata sidhani ni mkamba but anajaribu kuleta story za hatred zenye haziko. He’s trying to make it sound like Kikuyus invaded Kambaland for their trees and the Kambas are ‘fighting back’ yet we know ni locals walikuwa wanachoma na kuuzia wanunuzi.

That being said, while I think Ngilu did well to discourage the trade, she went about it too abrasively. Kungekuwa na dialogue and warnings before waanze kuchoma. That way we’d all consider the transporters and loggers as the bad guys. Now she’s made it a Kikuyu Kamba war.

List these exploitation, hata Mimi nikuwe illuminated. One the other hand, let Mkamba flex his muscles on the Kikuyus, we know on the other side, we are Dryfrying him kwa Mkia bila Lube.

This has nothing to do with kuchanuka. The locals were the ones doing the logging and burning. Hao wengine walikuwa transporters tu.

Locals must be pissed off. Kitunguu banaa.



What does he mean by making the case for retribution against “one community”?

Wondering about the same.