IGSCE, American system, German school etc

Why should Kenyan parents pay such exhorbitant school fees to get the same shit a kid in UK, USA or Canada get free of charge in public school.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Holy sh!t you actually know the word exhorbitant, mazel tov man.

Uliwacha kumemorise thesaurus bedsitter philosopher


kumbe @johntez addi gaza msafi anajua kizungu ! …hio khasia ni meffi in my eyes …

Because they have the money. Incomes are not equally distributed. Some parents would rather they kids mingle with their equals in society. GCSE, American,…etc is just a selling point. It’s really not necessary.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Nitawacha ukiacha bangi

I think these institutions were meant to cater to the expatriates, just that some people started buying into some …

In the past even the kijiji billionaires took their kids to public schools, I remember I went to a public school together with the son of one of the richest family in the village.

Wacha kuropoka.
The education system may be the same, but the school experience is equivalent to an expensive private school in the UK and the rest.

From the food, to the way they are taught, to the personalized attention, to the extra stuff they learn like squash and tennis.
And above all the connections to other rich kids.

I expected the statement to end with country, but a village??

It’s where your children make connections.
There is an international school I visited here where politician and diplomats kids attend.
The kids have play dates.

It’s through the connections made in childhood friendship where the rich will make friends with the rich.

@johntez addi gaza msafi kumbe hii ghasia ime soma. Ni vile Kenya hakuna works ndio aliventure into crime. Lakini nakuombea uwache crime.

I couldn’t have said it better…

I suspect huyu alikuwa deported kutoka majuu for petty crime, came to Kenya and joined a gang. Wako wengi sana siku hizi kwa Gaza na Superpower.

hata owner wa brookehouse alisema, he doesn’t offer education but a premium brands , where serious connections are made with high net individuals, you don’t go to such schools to start tarmacking later for jobs and sending cvs to local companies but to work in their parents companies or senior positions in government or entrepreneurship