Igathe Back to Equity bank


Tutaimpeach sakaja Monday

How will he survive when nearly all Nairobi MPs and MCAs are azimio? He will be impeached on day 1.

Kidero also had no majority in Nairobi county assembly but aliongoza for one term

If MPs can be bought for 10k, what about MCAs? You reckon Ruto will let Nairobi go to Azimio?

He will buy enough to survive at least 5 years. Sardines like MCAs will be desperate to recoup their campaign costs

Is Mt.Kenya Foundation that useless? They couldn’t help Igathe become governor?

Itabidi akuwe rada blunder hata ka quarter si full itskuwa ni impeachment direct.
Kidero lavington nusu na riverside yote ni yake pesa alitoa kuwatuliza very fast. I wonder ka sakaja ataeza kuwanyamaza stairo hiyo hiyo :smiley:

:D:D:D:D:D…dead state failed in all their projects,Iko mtu anakunywa Jameson whiskey bottle number 13 na changaa kikombe ya 23

The whole extended family should vamoose from public offices, they are toooo many if you factor in the brothers, sisters, cousins etc

You’d better hope that Azimio gets majority in Senate then cos atarudishwa job the following Monday


I don’t think he’ll need to. Nairobi impeachments are usually coordinated from party HQs. So long as he’s on good terms with ruto he’s good…