The new rules of financial reporting will start being applied. How will this affect operations in the banking sector with regards to lending and employment?

Personally i think people in Africa are useless …indians are driving the development and innovation in IFRS and IAS very well …i admire that in them

You forgot ISA too

What is IFRS9, ISA, IAS…

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It will be a shocker for the banking sector.If you got the banking stock then start exiting by March 2017,IFRS 9 is more stringent in terms of provisions.

Hujavuka bado? Ulipata puncture 2017?

IFRS=International Financial Reporting Standards.

IFRS 9 provides the guidelines for recognising, measuring and recording financial instruments in the financial statements.

2018 sorry

IFRS 9 will affect how numbers are reported and not the ability of the bank to earn. In the short term though I expect banks to restrict lending to risky borrowers which they were doing anyway with the rate cap.

How? Which indIan contributed in any way to the present state of IFRS ISA or IAS?

Loan provisions is an expense in the pnl.Thus will eat into the bottom line,the provisions as per IFRS 9 is more stringent as opposed to IAS 39.


IAS ARE International Accounting Standards

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