wah! I feel him man. big 4…more like impossible 4

I swear this is heart crushing while the same ‘Quality test’ organisations are bribed to bring in poor stardard shit into our markets and these guys are just recycling. I think someone somewhere saw what these guys were doing & wanted the project that’s why so many barriers were put before them. My opinion.

yenyewe hapo youth man hana comeback…ni aende akauze mogoka ama tropicals pareeee thika road

Govt hyenas (official) bossing around filling their pot bellies with taxpayers money. They have no idea what is happening on the ground. No wonder everyone wants to be employed by the govt or a NGO’s because that is the only place you can survive in todays kenya.

tarno terna

going legit in kenya ni umeffi:D:D

Please tell that young man to go to Rwanda. Please tell him.

wololo hii ndio inajiita govt for the youth

Very sad. Uhuru has no idea his employees are the ones blocking his agenda. Our maybe he knows and doesn’t care. Very sad.
Is this a real thing or fiction?

It’s humiliating all the same

Gov’t red tape are everywhere, seems like these Guys didn’t research well on the requirements needed to start their business.
I don’t mean to be insensitive, but then, rules and regulations have to be followed.

Lets wait for#loot_all…tukiuzanga sweet peremende na core.

Ati Uhuru has no idea? Unataka kuita His Excellency mjinga saa hii? Nani aliajiri wao?

Omera my friend, where will this jobless young men get 1 million to pay for start up? Have you tried to search for a job In kenya? They want you to pay 1000 for credit report, you have to go to helb get a cert for 500,go to CID get finger printing done for 1000 there are other things you need. Then once you have all this ,apply for a job which you have a 0.1% chances of being hired. That’s a total of ksh 2500. So do youth have to do these research before they graduate?

Hapo nimesema “our maybe…” I meant to say “or maybe…”

Itumbi I know you are here…hakikisha huyo mjamaa wako hapo kwa mlima ime mfikia

cost of doing business in KENYA is generally prohibiting… MUNGU tuu ndiye ata weza hii nchi…

Regulations cannot be scrapped in the name of creating employment. I really don’t want people setting up light industries in residential areas.
We are here now n then complaining about bars and night clubs in residential areas, the relevant bodies should come up with way of easing up things for all Kenyans.
Let the youths not play victim, what’s the difference btwn them and those who started businesses on road reserves.

In Kenya never follow the stupid rules. Work at night, don’t get a single permit, connect the electricity illegally and employ the locals where you can.
Be in good books with the area chief and police and no one will ever harass you. All government organs need to liaise with the local police before an operation and you will always get a tip to close the business in time by the police and the chief. Only Indians follow those rules and now days some have rebelled against the system.