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I believe where there’s life there’s still hope.

ION here’s Kevin Samuels in his element, watch


I realize a lot of women calling into this show, especially those who have problems getting/keeping a man, tend to come from single-parent families.
My mother, always and continues to warn me about women from single-parent households. When I was younger, I figured she was just going on about an outdated way of thinking. Now that I’m older, and more experienced, I realize that the women I had the most issues with, came from single-parent households.

I don’t believe in monogamous marriages and now I understand why so many African households had polygamous marriages.

Even men from single-parent households tend to act, in the professional field, very different to men who had both parents growing up.

Men, stay in your kids’ lives, of you know you won’t, if you know the woman your sleeping with isn’t fit to be a mother, don’t bed her. That shit is devastating.

I’m so glad I grew up in a household with both parents. It’s priceless and something I will forever be grateful for.

[SIZE=5]There’s no guarantee that a woman will turn out perfect by virtue of coming from a household where both parents are present.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]It’s hit or miss. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]She may have had both parents lakini amejaza fetish za ujinga kwa akili.[/SIZE]

Ndivyo mimi huambia watu wanadhani niko bias.
Yes, not every woman who comes from a family with both parents is a good wife material.

But compared to women who never had a present father in their lives, those who were raised by both parents seem to be better partners.

Most kungurus with weird characters grew up without present fathers.

You’re talking about exceptions, not the rule.

Most people from single-parenthood houses are simply like that, you can name many exceptions but the rule remains.

Read about “why single parenthood affects children” and other honest, research based studies.

2nd of all, nowhere did I type “A woman will turn out perfect [SIZE=5] by virtue of coming from a household where both parents are present.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You typed that.[/SIZE]

You guys are making too much noise someone’s issue, acha Ni drops shiet nirudi niwapate hapo, concentrate more on your household n give us hekaya,


Growing up, my dad was seconded for foreign service in a foreign country for about a year and a half. I have to say there was a sudden static shock in the house when he left. It was very different, how affairs were run by the mother.

But his bros always came by and checked on things about once a month. Homework and reported issues with me and siblings not studying. And they were thorough. They would have beaten us if we’re failing.

I have to say this. A single mother can succeed. But she needs family and community support to make the journey easier.

Singo matha ni moto wa kuotea mbali. The elders spoke, two parents household.

Pwahahahah singo matha ni wa kutomba na kuingia forest

sijawatch nimeona thumbnail pekee
kumbe kevin samuels na robert burale ni 2 different people:D:D:D:D:D

The issue is the modern single mothers tend to treat their children like dolls, essentially training them to suit their needs rather than preparing them for the world.

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KS is the truth. Am not at all surprised by his detractors and haters.

Children from stable two-parent families do exceedingly well compared to those from single-parent families in all the fields you could possibly think of, be it education, sports, relationships etc. and the data is very clear on this….Perhaps because even for two parents it’s bloody hard to raise a kid. You can imagine doing it as a single parent.
Try to raise your own kids as well; don’t be a stepmom/dad; because it’s bloody hard to love something that is not yours, especially if it keeps taking your time and money.

tupe hizo statistics tuone

A bit unrelated but I’ve realized I attract women who didn’t have dads in their lives. What does that mean?

Not exactly sure brathe but maybe you project something they don’t have.
They say you are what you attract.
When I was in my 20s I attracted a lot of damaged women - from bad relationships, women who were using sex as a coping mechanism, women who had gone through some crazy things, abuse etc
What I realized later is that my behavior and lifestyle back then was appealing to a lot of emotionally damaged women.
Be careful not to impregnate any of them, damaged women are very good at having fun/when the sun is still shining. Mvua ikianza kunyesha utajuta!