Ifikie chifu mbitika

Nilikua kwenyu hapo, Moran nanyuki super place.

Mbona hukuniita nikununulie kamoja? I hope ulijienjoy

had a nyerian from muiga sucked all that vodka from the system excellent

Mweiga babes are too sweet.

Of all kikuyu girls , kiambu have good look’s but nyeri are good fuks

True dat. Game iko juu na ni roho safi

Hakuogopa Kung’olewa transomer


Wako na nyege kama wakamba and have feminine qualities

Kwani kuna wale wako na masculine qualities?

True dat. Nyeges ni mob

I once passed by this place, and I wanted just one beer. As I waited for a colleague to run an errand, we proceeded to Isiolo. the waitress told me they don’t sell one beer at a time and declined to sell to me. I felt like I was in a place I don’t deserve, where clientele are so petty that such rules are placed on purpose. I never think of stopping there anymore. Too petty management was my conclusion

Yaani ghasia zinataka ulewe na probably you were driving? Hehehe

stayed past curfew time , am sure they need cash for cops

There’s a brown girl ( not sure if she’s still there) from nyeri . She’s pretty hot. But kuna an Iranian guy who gets very upset when customers talk to her. I think that’s his girl

yes, i was driving. saa nane mchana, they could even see I just parked. one for the road is all I wanted to down the dust and proceed to my destination.

yaa ka short hivi alini serve , bought her two beers she was soo happy , nilimwambia akunywe mbili juu niki lewa ataniimbia . :D:D:D

Chifu? Are u God? U r everywhere. Nuff respect. Kuja nakuru we spoil u

Ha! Yep it’s that one. She’s super nice too. I kinda forgot my change, akanikimbizia. That day I had to leave abruptly after a call … that was back in may. Lakini there’s an Iranian guy hapo who has a German shepherd… ukachunga sana. Hata DJ ( tall skinny guy ) had to tell us that dude was circling our table juu ya jealousy. All in all that’s a very good place at least in my experience.

Jamaa haelewi lazima waitresses wa flirt na clients,

Exactly. And he works there too. If he’s still there, mtapatana tu. Anaaanza kufura fura. Akipace around the place na Hio German shepherd yake. At first I wasn’t too clued in coz I was waiting for some other people