If Your Perception Of American Cops Is Based On What Hollywood Tells You...

…then let this be a cautionary tale. Ati a policeman telling you things like “please Sir, we’re requesting that you accompany us to the precinct”. Or you, the suspect, telling cops retarded shit like “this is a violation of my fifth amendment rights. I will SUE YOU!!!”…or “I demand to see my lawyer this goddamn minute!!!”. Boss, don’t try and pull that shit. Remember you’re dealing with government sanctioned criminals, you will be dealt with like our friend John Lang, and life will go on.


Daamn. Very sad

Tamir Rice, a 12 year old girl, was murdered by police in Ohio. What threat does a 12 year old girl pose?

Niggas in USA goes into defensive mode whenever a white cop approaches. Na venye wao hukuwa na moshene mingi alafu they like drama. How about being humble and doing what the cops order you to do?Hand over the document he needs, keep your hands where he can see them and make no sudden movements. I believe no cop walks out of his cruiser with the intention of killing someone.

Then why aren’t the whites being murdered by the police.at the same rate as blacks? Na usiseme they are more respectful or commit less crimes.

Law enforcement serves the elite in any society it just happens that the elite in USA are almost always white.

Being black in US is a felony in itself.

Some of what you say might be true, but you can’t deny the racist aspect of these shootings. I think the relationship between black people (men especially) and police could inspire a fierce “which came first, the chicken or egg?” debate. Do police automatically treat black men like criminals because black men always act suspicious, or do black men always act that way because police automatically treat them like criminals. Sometimes when black unarmed men are shot dead, police will dig up their past criminal records, even if it’s a decade old speeding ticket, as a way of saying “see, he was a criminal.” So he deserved to be shot dead, even if he wasn’t armed. Philando Castille was stopped while he was in a vehicle with his girlfriend and a child. He duly informed the cop (like one is supposed to) that he had a gun in the vehicle. Then the cop asked for his ID. As he reached for it, the pig shot him dead. You’re left asking yourself, just what the fuck was expected of Mr Castille?

Meanwhile, white people can walk around, merrily waving their guns, insulting cops and ordering them around. The cops meekly do as told. They only shoot when the white man points his weapon directly at them, and even then, he’s shot only once, and arrested while still breathing.

Americans are also armed to the teeth and police are always nervous.

america ganglands

Corrupt and murderous cops

Corrupt politicians

I wonder why they lecture others so much and they practice the same. Oh wait I know hypocrisy.

phuck them why should i care about some black american na tunawajua ni wasumbufu like mexicans

I thinks most cops in the US are kids who were bullied in school or guys who just get high on a little authority and like most countries guys who choose to be in the forces police, army etc are not the sharpest tools in the shed now combine that with low self esteem, little knowledge and a gun !

This one esp makes me so mad, drunk stupid cop with no Id


That’s so fucked up.