If you were me part two


U remember my post,sasa leo nimeamua kutembelea hii kunguru(ile udaku tuu, to confirm what she got). Kufika uko nimepata mkund* ilioza, iko na usaa(what she’s telling me)…kapasuliwa msamba n she was given 100k plus disappointment ( she never got the car)
Now from her 100k she’s still thinking whether to seek medication or invest.

I thought you would grow after you last post kumbe ni ujinga ndio ilikua inazidi kugrow …Ulikua unatafuta nini kwa mkund u ndio ukapata usaa… faggot detected

Make sure you live a will

tushakuzika sasa

Ulienda shule wapi?

nimechoka kuona hizi post zako

You remind me of a kamzungu who took a whore to one of our 5 star Hotels discreetly( There is a fee whores are charged and also their details are taken by the Hotel) .

After starting the game the nunu became big/enlarged/opened up to a point that is was lying on the mattress. It was visible even when she had crossed Her legs.

The Kamzungu realized thats bigger than what He bargained for. He wanted to chase Her without pay. The lady on the other hand was demanding payment for the single shot already served. The Kamzungu was uncontrollable. Their noise attracted security personnel.

They had to be the liason. After the Kamzungu cooled He coughed 5K, and also paid $60 coz of the whore to the Hotel.

Muthungu alifungua server za kunguru? :eek::eek::D:D Well deserved to her.

hajui kazi ya lube?