If You Want To Fail At Anything Just Include Raila In It

History has already taught Kenyans that Ojinga is a failure. All his endeavors end in catastrophic failure. Now don’t start mentioning sijui 2002 he made Kibaki win, there was was no Choice he had to support Kibaki or stay with Moi-Uhuru team which would still have lost miserably. 1982 was when his failures took root until today 2021. It seems his father Oginga cursed this Mofo.

Now look at ru[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]BBI[/SIZE]sh, it is in tatters because Ojinga and crew tried to force it down our throats

@Jimit njoo bonobo @Ndindu anatusi baba


And they are losing big in juja

Huyo mzee akubali his time is up in kenyan politics. Handchieth was the golden send off.

His legacy?
Kevera, kabila adui, encouraging illegal occupation of private property, maize, hospital fund, NSSF fund, …(add here) weka schindlers list yako hapo

masomo yako did u include him. stop comparing others and mind ur shit

True, his goals might be right but his strategies are always wrong