If you want a chimpanzee to never leave your life or you want to die young, have a chimpanzees child

Chimpanzees are just wack. They are buck broken and at the bottom. You can’t expect them to just let you enjoy your freedom and thrive without them. Wanaume ni hasidi na hasidi hana sababu. Look at this young beautiful woman. Not even asking for child support. Si uzalie wazungu kama ni watoto unataka? Why do black women keep believing that a chimpanzee can be a good partner when they prove it over and over again that they are the worst. This is very sad. And for what? You keep saying that nobody wants black women but you can’t leave them alone when they realize that you all chimpanzees ain’t shit. Women stop being with these chimps and stop having their kids.

When it comes to mating women look for alpha during ovulation, and it’s you women who subconsciously determine the paternity of your offsprings black are alpha as fuck alpha Buddha still an alpha,

Must be why their leaders are begging every other races of men to feed them and buy them mosquito nets. You are so delusional. You are zeta as zeta gets. White men’s sperm is a billion dollar industry, can you find a woman willing to buy your sperm for 50 bob

Agreed.cc @MTINGIZA_KITANDA the village’s alpha chimpanzee…Leaves the wife at home…falls in love with a whore…sustains her lifestyle…Throws a tantrum when the whore gets shafted by other men

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But you call chimps dead beats how is your statement irony to your assumptions of your blood brothers

Don’t bring my brother in to this. Appealing to my emotional attachments is no way to win the argument. You can see Sakayo and his evil ways yet he claims to be a Christian. Do you think Biden would do such things and become a president? The first thing to solving a problem is accepting that you have a problem. Accountability. Lakini a chimpanzee will never take responsibility for anything except taking credit for what junguuuu has done.

You yourself are wearing clothes from junguu, talking European languages, driving either Japan or European cars, I don’t understand how you can claim equality with junguus. And please adress the issues I’m raising and stop trying to emotionally blackmail and gaslight me. I am over that stage of falling for red peels psycho tricks. I’m all about truth and reality. I’m keeping it junguu all the way.

Zalia mzungu na urudishe hio chokora Kayole kwenu . You will regret it .

Am getting laid while you are here wanking to truman

Can Arabs from Middle East claim equality with Junguuzx? They talk European languages, drive Japanese or European cars, wear jungu clothes….and are richer than junguuz from Italy

We are very far behind Arabs. Very far. So don’t compare yourself with them. Junguuuu is at the top, then Asian, Arabs and others. Chimpanzees are at the bottom. The lowest ones.

Hierarchy eh?