If you still think Coronavirus is just a disease your INSANE

It is not a secret how Tanzania dealt with the novel virus has raised a few eyebrows. With some of the speeches of the Tanzanian President being translated in over 8 international languages. Getting back to the topic , How does the US Secretary of State have time to talk about this one African country which isn’t even US allie one day before election???. Forget bout the violence there dozens of dictators on the continent who have been there for years , So If it was about the violence they would’ve start with em.
Need your comments fellow analysts…

Shouldn’t Mike Pompeo be worried about winning elections?,

Jana I was at Aga Khan Parklands. Take care guys. Huko kumejaa wagonjwa wa covid and an employee told me its the worst she has ever seen.

Sisi peasant wa level 5 doktari wamegoma. Nyasaye atulinde.

Itabidi tuvae mask and sanitize.

Mask haisaidii ile kitu itatuokoa ni mkono wa Bwana. Only God can save us.

Deflecting from their own election fraud.

hakuna corona. Wacheni hii upuzi pls

America seems to be heading for civil strife… watu wakule kwao

Pompeo a concentrate kuiba Kura florida awache kusumbua kiongozi wetu mpendwa magufuli

Uwes trump 2020 lazimaaa

Mike Pompeo, your focus is needed here. Let Africans deal with their own problems.

How can you say this when government just revealed 100 people have died in the last week?

Waah, mazee! Covid is real.

post this americatalk


are looking for cash


If it is not a disease then what is it?