If you repeat this I'll deny it

The year is 1993 and I’m in std 4 in a public boarding primary school. The school is located somewhere in Machakos county and in staying true to this forum the school shall remain unnamed or we can call it Mvua-haba-Choma-Lorry Primary School for the sake of this post. Now at Mvua-haba-Choma-Lorry Primary School in 1993 I used to sleep at the top of the bunk bed. The guy who used to sleep on the bottom bunker was the ‘first body’ of the school whom we will call Mutiso for now. No one had the cojones to get on his wrong side.

[COLOR=rgb(209, 72, 65)]Meanwhile we must continue to fuck even in the middle of one of @Mworia Wameru 's crazy posts. Just take a moment and get one shot or give one as you wait for the stupid ending to this real life story. It’s not that interesting so take your time. Fuck fuck fuck.

Now this one night I’m fast asleep then I have a dream. I dream that I was playing during break time but then I felt like I needed to pee so I ran to the pit latrine area to take a piss. The relief that comes with that stream of pee when you are pressed is a feeling like nothing else. I felt good. Suddenly I felt some warmth in my mid section and turns out this warmth wasn’t part of the dream. Man, I had peed on my bed! I was so embarrassed but even more afraid of what Mutiso would do to me if a single droplet found its way to the bottom bunker. I touched the underside of the mattress and found that it was still dry. Turns out I didn’t quite finish taking my piss. Did I hear someone say hallelujah?

There was something lucky about the whole thing because it happened just a few minutes before the morning bell. I went and cleaned up quickly then put on my uniform. I waited 5 minutes, guys woke up as I waited for the second bell to call people to line up for uji. I sat back a few minutes to turn my mattress. I wasn’t gonna take it out in the sun to dry so that everyone knows I peed on my mattress. Let’s just say that a crisis was averted and right now I’d not be having my dick if a drop of pee had hit Mutiso’s let’s say, face.

♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶♡)ノ ♬ ♪Ni kwa neema ya Mungu ni kwa neema. Hivi nilivyo mimi ni kwa neema... ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶:heart:)ノ ♬ ♪

I should state this for the record that was a one-time accident and it never happened again.

[COLOR=rgb(209, 72, 65)]Now can we all go back to what we were doing during the red font color of this post? Thank you.

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kumbe wewe ni kikojozi

Read the part in bold and the heading

Chronic bed wetting is a sign on a troubled childhood. Perhaps your parents forced you to pass through childhood stages. Most likely you have one or more kinds of speech impairment. You are also messy: you rarely make your bed, and you are a dont-care dresser i.e. the kind that refuses to tuck-in their shirts, refuses/doesn’t know how to tie their shoelaces, or forgets to comb.


So now it’s chronic bed wetting? SMH. That’s what happens when you see/read what you want to see/read. I guess you too didn’t read the part in bold?

Chronic adult bed-wetting also affects temperament

@Mworia Wameru = @Mshikadau confirmed it today

That’s profiling sasa. Smh

Who’s this @Mshikadau ? Must be an awesome guy to be equated to the one and only @Mworia Wameru


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