If you know that you have slept with Alex wa Jamii call your mother - the full list comes out at 8pm pale Martha Hinga

Gey community hii mambo ya DJ Fatxo and Jeff the late itafichua Mengi. If you know that you are in that circuit, it’s better for your mother to get it from you than from social media. Just come out of the closet coz the list is very long including gospel musicians and pastors. And you know gey people sleep with each other so much that it’s unlikely for them to not know one another. If you are on the down low today you will come out of the closet by force evidence loading including receipts. It’s OK kuficha mpenzi wako kama bhangi but your right to privacy ends where someone loses their life. We have to get to the bottom of this saga. #justiceforjeff

[SIZE=5]Hehehehehe …
Waiting to see how many Juveniles in here turn up on that list …[/SIZE] :D:D