If You Have Some Time & Some Bandos, Watch This. THEY ARE ALIENS!

Niggas, I keep telling you - they ain’t human. I am starting to develop a theory that aliens are already among us - through killer genes in Caucasians - Whites. In other words, Whites could actually be alien mutants who resulted from human and alien interactions thousands of years ago.

When the right conditions emerge, the alien nature emerges, and the aliens go on a rampage. They wipe out entire races and species needlessly; the native Americans, the bison, the aborigines, the Herero, the dodo…just about everything.





ukivuta bangi, toa mbegu kwanza

Gacy alikuwa mnyama.

Man, how do you live with 30 bodies under your basement?

But what is more chilling is that he denied killing them to the end!

wots ur obsession with serial killers? I think we should be very worried about you.

1000 years in the Caucasus mountains caves is not a thing you can outgrow very fast.

People like you are just downright stupid. Normal intelligent people are normally curious about things they don’t understand, not possessed by just sex and boooze…

retarded people like you research on very sick things! perhaps it’s ur fantacy to kill people. remember to remove ur dentures so u don’t swallow them in ur sleep. nugu!

Guka… it’s just that here in Kenya we do have serial killers but technology has not catch up with them~DNA and all. Afande anapata mtu amekufa na 1st thing ni ”peleka yeye kwa mortuary paka watu wao Wapatikane.” Sa hio amemshika bila gloves.
We probably don’t have Homicide Unit. Huku afande ni detective bado ni arson police Mara ni city council askari at night. I think we do have bigger monster here.

On White supremacists sites, aside from crying about Mugabe and how unfair it is to have to share power and space in SA, they spend a lot of time advancing theories on how ‘unhuman’ black people are. I guess all racists think the same way.


hizo DODO ni waluhya wa kitambo walimaliza



kijana kipara niaje

Fit saidi Msito.
Netherlands unaenda na black mamba?

HERO JET yenyewe jatelo , oki orna gi moro amadh tusker

Meza Muguka polepole hapo base.

ukilala hapo kwa forest monitor lizard ikulambe kisogo ama monkey ikunyandue mkia utafnyaje

I believe that there are just as many serial killers,paedophiles and other unmentionable characters here in Kenya and among Africans as there are among junguz.
But how are we going to ever know for sure in a country of kitu kidogo never mind the incompetent policing.
In any Serious country in the world, being a Policeman is a professional career reserved for university graduates who also have to go to a police academy for at least three more years.
They are well paid so they have a better chance of being incorruptible.

Case in point, Matheri.
This guy was not just a violent robber,he enjoyed taking life .
And there are many more Matheris but it’s always easier to pretend that its a White man problem.