If you have a Payoneer card, pris assist

I’m trying to sign up for a Payoneer card and these fuckers are giving conditions that I don’t like. Kama hizi:

Sasa (ma)swali ni:

  1. Are they thaaat strict about this? This is Africa bana, we’re not as organised as American or European countrie so this issue of address will cause problems.
  2. If I upload a copy of my ID, will I need to upload a copy of both the front and back ama mbele pekee itatosha?
  3. If I provide the details on my ID as address, will it be enough to satisfy these mofos? As in if on my ID it says “District of birth-Uasin Gishu” and “Place of issue-Eldoret” can I provide Uasin Gishu and Eldoret as my address and get away with it?
  4. Finally, why are these fuckers pretending to be stricter than Paypal? When I opened my PayPal account I don’t remember being asked to upload anything…or did I?
    Saidieni kitunguu iendelee kunuka kwa birrionaire. Thanks.

Edit, edit, edit. Photoshop is your friend. You can as well use your grandpa’s ID.

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Kwa hivyo nikitumia ujanja hawatashikanisha? I’m assuming they have templates of various countries’ IDs, ama I’m giving them too much credit?

You can use a KPLC bill (even an edited one) as Proof of physical address. Did that earlier this year and worked though not with Payoneer

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I have it… na sikuitishwa vitu kama hizo

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You don’t sign up directly for less head aches if you’re a noob, you go through their partners like elance, upwork, fiverr etc. However when you start reeling in thousands of USD they get abit anal. You would rather now than later.

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I think I’ll use this option, thanks.

Kwa hivyo wana ubaguzi wa kijinsia :smiley:

I guess they are more strict nowdays


I don’t even need it that urgently, I wanted to have it as backup in case I ever find myself in areas that PayPal won’t touch. What about receiving a cheque in the mailbox, is it easy to cash them in Kenya or that presents a brand new headache?

If you want to wait over a month go for a check. I started affiliate marketing way back when. Got a check from plimus now bluesnap, you lucky fucks. Go for wire transfer however payoneer got an advantage of having a checking account which allows ACH. Choose what you want.

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coz they are sending you a debit card free of charge; the number of jokers/inactive cards currently in circulation are too many due to the simplicity of the registration process. If some joker who does not have an actual need for the card applies for the card and comes up against these requirements he/ she will automatically give up: thats their goal

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the kplc bill or payoneer card?
the ID is a must, they also used to ask for proof of online income which might be in form of a PayPal statement and a shipping address

You must provide the above especially the ID. For the bill, I used Kenya Power bill but in in case you don’t have any bill will do.

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Hizi ni baridi tu wanatia watu.

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I have the payooner master card…they did not ask me for any doc… not even my ID or proof of payment. It was way back in 2013

Hii sikupitia…but between payoneer and skrill i rather stick with my skrill…Mpesa inaingia pap…

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