If you expect Mpenda to preach to you or give you an inspiration, go to Kathy Kiuna...Those who yap here dont even post anything

I think i am loud and clear… after-all, this is a sex and relationship section…Don’t mind about my life, mind yours. If you want to be inspired follow Kathy Kiuna and her con husband

Your last thread will be deleted. Watch

Do i ferking care whether it is deleted or banned ???

Will my bank balance reduce if it’s deleted or the handle banned?

Proverbs 31:3-7
3Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings.

You are suffering from sex addiction. Much worse than alcohol addiction.


I chew prostitutes too and for once I thought I was not ok upstairs until I met this guy. It’s disgusting and it troubles my soul when I chew a prostitute. I usually need sometime to recover from that soul damaging encounter before I give it a go once more. This guy does it freely. Ngai wa matu!!

Chew your prostitutes in peace then na ujipe shughuli

What are some of @Mpenda’s threads. Sijaziona

bingwa chieth niaje

kwani kivisi pia iko censored yaani k1VISI

@digi kíhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii alikimbia Kwa @administrator then ikawa censored

Pots, meet kettle.

Aje Nef-tit, Testosterone huku iko in excess na huogopi, its like living in a testicle

Tasteless Gaaaaay joke

Are these the lessons you promised…they are disappointing…

Nadai connection hapo Eastleigh, kudistribute mtepa. Lokeshen gani smart ya kuanza?

bingwa utombwe mkundu na @Sogomba Sadamkale umzalie mtoto

Bipolar issues