Ive realised that the most reckless drivers are people who drive junks and have no insurance. You would think that if a person knows they have no insurance and cant afford to fork say money to replace a light of a luxury car ,theyd tread carefully around one but nah theyre like a bull in a china shop. Recently a very old van hit my Jeep from the back , when I looked at insurance , they dont even have insurance, the van is such a jalopy that even if it was to be sold it could cover the expense of the repairs my car needed. I doubt if the car even had brakes because there was a jam and it was on a roundabout so you wonder how did the van ram into the back of my car. It got to a point I had to engage my lawyers to do a case because hawana pesa ya kufix my car. So basically I had to drop it because I realised its a big inconvenience for me and I dont have the time and energy to sue people who are driving a van thats falling apart.

Pic of your jalopy jeep or it didn’t happen.

Hehehe… You are trying too hard.

reach husband manenos…

i wont be nice.Weka picha ya mustang ama uketi uko karibu na uwanja

You create too many post within a short time jameni

Just learn to respect other peoples property even if they seem poor to you. The way you describe it, I read contempt and disdain in your post. It is more of bragging than explaining what happened. If you see a man in his demio, leave him alone and respect his property even if you have a range rover. You dont have to look down upon others to feel good about yourself

i will never efffer EFFER respect anyone driving a Toyota

Because you can’t afford one

This is very true…you should see how carelessly probox drivers are on the road

everyone affords a toyota

Makena Hawa birionea wengi unawaona na Prado and other big cars most hawana hata insurance ama ni third party. I meet them alot jamaa anakujia loan na gari ya 5 million ukimuambia comprehensive ni lazima analeta nare ati amezoea third party

Yes. And have you seen how many ‘my’ and ‘i’ are in the rant?

@Grundy if you want to know all careless drivers just ride a scooter like me one day.

I came to know ALL drivers who drive USED japan cars are CARELESS and STUPID. Leading are proboxes,fielders,NZEs,Demios,110s,ISTs.

Repeat probox and fielder

Even MAD men

People who drive expensive cars they bought with their own money don’t waste time with useless posts. Kazi ya insurance ni nini? Utakaa kipande gani?

Excuse me what??? The idiot hit me from BEHIND. What part of that am I supposed to respect!!! I have to look down at people who drive carelessly when they know they have no means to repair people’s cars they damage. Not to mention inconvienience , time wasted - if it was me whho hit him hata ningemlipa cash or have my insurance cover it if its a large amount . Ofcourse I have contempt and disdain. What were you expecting? Anyway my insurance covered it. What am mad about is the wrecklessness on his part. Its like going on the street without a penny then you step on mama mbogas nyanyas then you start pleading with her , you know blah blah I have no insurance, I cant pay for your tomato, si you walk carefully then. IT IS THAT MAN WHO SHOULD RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY. I cant believe some asinine arguments which I see here makes me feel like am in a kindergarten. I was feeling good before I was hit by a wreckless halfwit in a jalopy, what kind of shit is this? Unajua you have no insurance then on top of that you’re wreckless on the road especially around cars thatll cost you an arm and a leg to repair if you hit. Anyway, mjama ako kwa cell, wacha ashikie adabu huko, he should have manners and know people.

Aki @uwesmake wacha Third Party, mtu mzima ako roady na hana hata chembe ya insurance alafu anakuingia nyuma, kwa rounda ,kwa jam, even the cop who saw it was like is this guy drunk ama ni nini? I think am now going to start avoiding being anywhere near this cheapies vile me huavoid mats and lorries and watu wa boda and buses, asiwe nyuma yangu least brakes zifail kwa mlima saa hiyo ni mkebe . Ama nibuy hummer hio hata ukigonga ni wewe utaenda hasara.

OWN MONEY ni pesa gani??? Is there money someone is born with? Si all the money we have or get or use came from is it delaru ama wapi. It was other peoples money at one point NO? We ngojea your own money ikutajirishe wacha kuniambia which money should buy me what! Pesa sio kama chupi ati if its yours - no body else can use it. If someone bought me a plane and it is in my name , shida yako iko wapi whose money it was, wacha wivu na mauchu!!! Ati own money, own money is for fools thats why banks use your money to get reach. Learn that principle before you die a pauper.

I’ve hit a nerve, though got my answers who bought your Jeep. I respect everyone no matter the circumstances, pesa (za wenyewe) huisha.