If you drink tea, you should be worried.... This is why.

Farmers in Kericho have started uprooting tea in their farms.
A Kg in auction goes for Ksh. 300
A kg in bonus payment at Sh. 15

They say Jubilee Tano Tena was witchcraft. [ATTACH=full]261770[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]261772[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]261773[/ATTACH]

nyayo tea zone zitatutosha tu

Kenya is now slowly gonna turn into a purely consumer country, as tea was one of the last exports.
Coffee farmers have done this before, only thing still exporting at international level are flowers.
We really need to consider out actions and policies. All the foreign exchange earning trades are dying by the day.

It’s illegal to uproot tea or coffee chief




Digiiiii kihiiiiiiii

@digi wacha ufala, so a farmer went and hired brand new equipments for sole purposes of uprooting tea.
That’s a construction site.

Tuling’oa kahawa kitambo na nchi ikatulia.
F erk admin.

Digi mkisii


There is a glut in tea production worldwide. Prices are falling hard. No surprises really and nothing to do with the incompetent Jubilee regime.

Wapande Makorofia

Tumbileee Tano Tena!!

Coffee been uprooted already in many areas, tea will follow soon and only the big farmers will be left to play that game