If You Didn't Know, Now You Know

8,500 Kenyans own two thirds of the country’s wealth.

Link: Kenya’s super rich now control two thirds of Sh6.2trn economy - Business Daily

Nikiwaambia anyone worth less than $1 million sio birrionea mnanitusi sana juu that covers 99.99% of members here including myself.

Don’t shoot the messenger. Bila $1 million minimum you are squarely in the have-nots peasant category.

Ya maaaahn, nakutambua sana all things guru, tupee matips secret za vile tutaingia mbirrionares list

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Keep dreaming.

I believe beef ya pointie and his arch-nemesis @Jimit is of a similar nature. Hii Nairobi mtu wa kukushika mkono akuonyeshe kutengeza pesa hakuna. Ata wash wash thugs wa fake currencies have closely guarded trade secrets.

Like Gaines always says, ‘wakenya huaribu soko.’ It’s stops being wealth generating activity if 1000 bonobos in a 5-mile radius are doing it. But I believe it can be done if tunaeza export things not just circulate the meager resources we have within ourselves.

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Hapo sasa you run into new issues. Try exporting any processed product or finished good to developed nations uone ile bureaucracy utapatana nayo wakisema your products are substandard. They want you to export raw materials cheaply, and import their finished products at a huge premium.

Ukijaribu kufanya vile wanafanya that’s when you realize that world markets are rigged against developing nations. They want you to export coffee beans and import nescafe. Export steel and import vehicles. They have laws that “prevent” third world countries from exporting finished manufactured goods to their countries under the guise of safety standards and other forms of BS.

There are laws that discourage African nations and the global south from exporting manufactured goods to developed nations and that’s how they remain enslaved in the global system. They want you to export cotton for $1 and import designer clothes for $5. The third world is a source of raw materials, and a market for manufactured goods.

We can try flooding goods and services to our EA neighbors. Used to know some wazees who did biz kule Goma, UG na wengine SSD. They made some good money. Having a stable country means we can do value addition from dirt cheap China products/jua kali ones.

That is already being done by local manufacturers. Shida ni moja. We can’t prevent our neighbors from exporting their finished goods to Kenya so we can’t rig the market against them. For Kenya to get rich it has to rig a market in its favor and that’s not happening. Europe, USA etc have already rigged the global markets against us. China was able to escape because it has a large local market. Africa is fragmented and therefore easy to exploit. Mkikosa kuuzia mzungu kahawa Museveni will do so gladly.

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