If you can't beat them...

Mboss, if you knew what Microsoft earns just from android sales, you’d speak differently.

True, haha. Windows feels ‘powerful’ too. A reason that makes it handle heavy games hence game enthusiasts love it too. Software availability is also high and it’s heavily used in automated manufacturing industries.

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When most people hear Microsoft, they only think Office software and Windows os. Microsoft is much more than that and it does earn lots of mullah from its other other ventures. It has new investments and products and innovation is ongoing.


examples pia ni poa…apart from windows phone

For example, Microsoft earns close to $ 2b a year from Android sales, it’s ‘rivals’.

What percentage is this compared to its total earnings? A rather modest percentage given that it posts close to $25 billion in revenues.

what exactly are these android sales?


Yaani, ukiuziwa simu yoyote iko na android OS, Microsoft gets 5 to 15 dollars.

2b out of 25b is not modest in any way or form. It’s close to 8%, based of off patents only.

that’s impressive. .

Strategists at Microsoft can discern an irreversible defeat a few decades from now unless they overhaul their business model. Presently, the aggregate use of windows in computing devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs) is on the decline while that of Android is rising steadily.


As you can see from the table, the windows ecosystem is dwindling. Microsoft has missed a number of opportunities to occupy the sweet spots of the technology gravy train. For instance, they no longer have a dominating browser despite working hard for years to sabotage other browsers. Their late-start search engine has barely had any impact in the market. Worst of all, Microsoft lost the mobile race after laughing off Apple and Android. Further, their products no longer dominate among the critical demographics, which pledge allegiance to the Internet rather than the desktop.

About five years ago, Windows mobile was assumed to be the natural leader of the mobile race. Microsoft intended to apply the same arm twisting techniques it has used in Desktop windows to reap huge profits while keeping the market captive. However, this was not to happen because Google saw the opportunity to come up with its own contest, in which it would be a head starter. As happens often, monopolies are hard to beat in their own game, experience weighs in their favor. Overthrowing a giant necessitates creating your own contest with a new crowd. What Google and its ilk have done is to gather their own crowd away from Microsoft and with new rules.

In short, Microsoft will become a shadow in a few decades from now, and will be searchable under the same keywords as IBM.


spot on. great analysis!

Microsoft have to really look at tomorrow, strategize and innovate or create new services and products that will greatly appeal to the masses. I feel they have always given more priority to business environments with their products and services.

Microsoft isnt into mobile as such but it isnt collapsing either. And its does not entirely depend on desktop software. In fact, thats a minority earner for microsoft. Its only that the regular joe knows Windows only. For microsoft, cloud servives, server divisions, enterprise software, games(Xbox), phones are big earners. This is a more diversified company than others such as google that only depend on a search engine only or apple that has only one line of hardware.


What Ingia said.

Xbox one and Xbox 360 sales…

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Windows on phones may disappear, but it will never go away from desktops and servers. Their 64-bit versions are quite stable (which used to be a concern for servers and associated applications), thus Unix/Linux ain’t really a threat anymore.

Think of this paradox: Solaris Datacenter Servers (some) can now run windows since acquisition by Oracle!

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Wow. Have really liked Microsoft’s business model. Diversification is really paying off.

People who have run nicrosoft are clever and are not carried away by wind. Former owner Bill gates sold most of his shares and invested the money in other places to spread risk. He still owns a chunk of microsoft and has has decision making rights there. He is now richer than ever. His financial planning can be compared to that of people like Buffet. The likes of Zuckerberg and Page are not yet there although they are rich. Zuckerberg has about thirty or fourty billion in one company, but he is still young and still has time to spread risks .

The problem with most people is that they think that electronic communication technology consists of only portabe devices. There is so much more in building the infrastructure than making flashy mobile phones and tablets. I hear people say that IBM is dead. The truth is that it is still a huge company and it is churning out profits.